I Love Burlap Garland

I love burlap garland and I have a lot of it. I use burlap garland in my Christmas and seasonal decorating and just found another use for it.

Linsey at The Farmhouse Porch added burlap to a basket and I immediately thought of this basket of plants I received as a gift. I had pulled out a few of the plants to use in other places in our home and that left the basket a bit bare looking.

I love how the burlap added texture and fullness to the arrangement. I kept the raffia bow that came with it too. There is pink Kalanchoe, an African Violet and some other plants I have to find the names of.

It was easy to pull the liner away from the basket and slip in some burlap. I buy my burlap garland by the roll at Michaels. Here's a quick tip: the burlap has quite an oily smell when you first bring it home so I always unroll it and hang it outside for a few hours to 'air'.

And yes, it is perched on our copier/printer in the little office area of our family room. I am still trying to make this end of our family room a bit prettier. I added the vintage ironstone platter to catch any drips and because every area trying to look pretty needs some ironstone, don't 'ya think? Oh, and old Crown mason jars too. Ironstone and mason jars {sigh}.

The skylights in this end of our home provide lots of nice light for the plants. Adding the burlap was a simple thing to do, but I love how it looks.

You can see more burlap used for seasonal decor here, here, here and here.

It has been a crazy busy and tiring first week back to work/school and I am so happy the weekend is finally here. We will be busy each weekend for the next month with local fairs but it will be fun too. What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I think I'm going back on a burlap kick again too. I just bought a giant roll of it today! Oh the excitement!

  2. The burlap does cheer up the basket of plants. We will be visiting our grandkids tomorrow. The oldest is in senior kindergarten and his school has gone to the all day every day program. (last year in JK he was all day, alternate days). I think he is finding it a bit hard going every day, but he has it figured out for this week 4 school days than Granny visits, then his other Grandma visits the next day and then 5 days of school and it repeats. I told him that was a pattern and he kept repeating it, quite pleased with it. I won't tell him a PA Day comes at the end of the month and messes up his pattern :)

  3. love burlap garland...it looks great in your basket.

  4. This is a great idea! I always have a ton of this around for various uses, but I'm definitely going to be trying this one :)


  5. I like your little tip to let the burlap air - it is one of the reasons I have never bought any. I love how you have used it though so obviously I need to get on the bandwagon.

  6. Burlap makes everything look good! That was the perfect addition to your basket!

  7. Burlap is so versatile! I love it on everything but pillows! Great job!,

  8. I love burlap too, nice addition to the plants :)

  9. What a pretty detail - I love the effect, Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  10. Such a great idea to add burlap ribbon to your basket like that. It looks so pretty. It's nice to find uses for it outside the holidays.

  11. Oh how a little burlap ribbon can go on making such a big impact...love it. Would love to have you come by and enter my current GIVEAWAY…it’s a goodie!!!


  12. so pretty. i love it. i've been away on a camping adventure so i'm just getting back to commenting. hope you are well. take care. big hugs. (:

  13. It does add just the right touch to your plant basket. I always have burlap around too, so many uses for it!
    Debbie :)

  14. Your burlap ribbon looks perfect in the basket. I'm glad to know that you found the ribbon at Michaels. I've looked there, but never find any. I'll ask next time with my 40% off coupon in hand!!!

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