Office Area of our Family Room

We have a little computer office area in our family room that I usually don't include in photos. It is a bright and functional little space in the catherdral ceiling/skylight end of our family room but it is not a pretty space. I finally have a laptop but we still use the family pc on an old drop leaf table in the corner.

I am hoping to make some little changes that will help me like this area a bit more. This past week I tried using a bigger farm table and pulling it out into the room more (with the short end at the wall by the filing cabinet and running perpendicular to the large windows. It didn't work with all the cords and there really wasn't a good spot for the big ugly black box filing cabinet.

The chair has been added to my painting list. Hopefully a fresh colour will update the tired oak. I will also look for solutions to add files to the upper part of the blue armoire and then maybe the big filing cabinet can go to our storage area in the basement. I think that might give us the biggest improvement.

The barley twist (?) table is just there temporarily. This weekend we celebrated my husband's 50th birthday and needed a table for a wine bar for guests. We brought this one up from the basement storage. 

This table is in need of painting because there is a lot of wear on the edges of the table top. 

For the party I made it work with a little muslin table runner with a crocheted edge and a shallow galvanized container full of vintage mason jars. It may not be pretty or perfect, but our family and friends were too busy enjoying great food and friendship to notice. I often need to remind myself that it is the welcoming of friends and loved ones into our home that is important, not how perfect one's home is.

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  1. How lucky to have this sunny little spot in your family room!! I love the space!!
    I have our desktop computer hidden in an armoire, along with the printer, and I keep files in there as well. It works great because I can close it up when not in use. Maybe a thrift store cabinet or something that hides all your needed stuff is in order here.
    That barley table as a bar cart is fabulous!! I need a table like that in my living room for entertaining!

  2. Everybody needs a "work corner". It makes a house look comfortable and lived in. That square table has way cute lines - a perfect post project, huh! ;)

  3. I noticed that pretty barley twist legged table immediately! I love that detail on furniture. I bet you had a nice time with your friends. Happy Birthday to your hubby! 50 is a major milestone. My husband and I have a couple more years till we reach that one ourselves.

  4. Your work corner looks nicer than mine does, and the barley twist table is gorgeous. The blue armoire is also very pretty. Sometimes rooms just have to function better though, and it's so nice when we can find an attractive way to make that happen.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Such a nice spot for a work area and I love that table!
    We have a front room with large windows we use for the office. It is a mess!! Two large desks, 2 filing cabinets, 3 bookshelves all filled to the brim. I would like to fix it up into a nice room to work in. So much paper and so many books...the joys of owning your own business.
    Debbie :)

  6. Having a nice place to work and create is so important! YOur work space is so neat and put together! I love the way you used jars for your pens and pencils! Great sunny space!

  7. Visiting for the first time today... what a lovely blog and beautiful home you have. I love the idea of using ball jars for your pencils and office supplies. We are currently working on renovating our upstairs office and this is just what I needed to see today!

  8. Ok, I'm probably driving you nuts with my comments by now, but we have another thing in common. I have an office area in my living room. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do here.


  9. It's really an inspirational ideas! Though there are some old pieces but these will be great memories for you.

  10. Such wonderful ideas! Don't know how I missed ya. Thanx for always partying with me.


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