More Fresh Flowers ~Our Family Room

More flowers to share today, this time in our family room.

My husband was given arm loads of fresh cut flowers to bring home. Enough to fill 4 or 5 containers so I put them to good use. I shared the arrangements I made for the living room here.

There were so many of the orange and yellow flowers that my galvanized sap bucket is full and the extras went into the living room. I love the sunny pop of colour these carnations, glads and roses add to our neutral family room.

The slipcovers need washed but can wait because I am going to enjoy this last long weekend of summer and then I am back to work on Tuesday. Not looking forward to it, but I am blessed to have a job and especially one that gives me summers off. What are you doing this weekend?



  1. Your arrangements are beautiful Elizabeth, I love the colors, and they are so perfect for this time of year! Enjoy your last long weekend before heading back to work. We will be getting caught up on house cleaning, and just relaxing.


  2. Oh how lovely and thoughtful.
    The colours are so bright and cheery.

  3. Those are the prettiest flowers! The colors are perfect for the cooler months coming our way too. I don't have anything planned right now for Labor Day. Not sure what we'll do.

  4. Oh I do love those colours! Especially as we are entering the fall season. Beautiful! Enjoy the long weekend!

  5. The bouquet is so beautiful, but so is your family room!! This weekend we have plans with family and friends... can't wait. Hope you have a great one!

  6. Lucky you to be given so many beautiful blooms. They look great in your space, sure gives it a Fall feel:)

  7. Beautiful flowers Elizabeth the colors are wonderful.

    I love having fresh flowers in the house. That is something I miss when we are at the lake. I haven't found flower deals there as great as Kroger, right here in town. Especially on Thursday after fresh shipments come in and they do markdowns.

    Thanks so much for coming by the Back Porch. Labor day is a long weekend here, as well.

  8. My slip covers need washed too! What a treat all those flowers were. I adore the roses. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  9. I love those colours! And they are perfect for autumn arrangements. It looks lovely against the white.
    Debbie :)

  10. Oh my word, these are stunning and the colors are so beautiful. My absolute favorites. Thanks for joining TTT Hugs, Marty

  11. What a lucky man you have!

    The cheerful colours fits so well with your furniture.

    Lovely, indeed.

    Happy TTT,

  12. wow, that screams fall ... i love the colors. so gorgeous & sweet. (:

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