Bedroom Design Advice Needed Please

I am hopping around with projects lately and today my attention is focused on our master bedroom. I am hoping you might give an opinion on a paint colour for our bedroom night tables and long dresser.
photos: see links below
For some background, this was our king bed and Ikea 3 drawer dressers used as night tables when we first painted the room. I loved the bed frame but at the time dreaded painting it when I tired of the blue. We have since sold both Ikea dressers and the headboard/footboard.

This is the brown leather headboard I have now (a bit lighter) and I want to work with this and keep the Benjamin Moore Norwester Tan walls.

This photo shows the new blinds, the freshly painted trim (BM Cotton Balls) and the wall colour we are keeping. I would like to keep the drop cloth curtains too. (The drop leaf table sold and the chair is temporary.) 

I want to paint and possibly re-stain the tops of these smaller solid pine night tables and matching 9 drawer long dresser we are currently using. I know it is not everyone's style, but I really like solid pine pieces. To me pine feels rustic, warm, solid and dependable. Sort of like my hubby ;-) But I know the dressers need some updating with paint and new hardware and this is my dilemma.

This is the sort of colour inspiration and the feel I want for our bedroom retreat. I am always drawn to colours that reflect my favourite outfit, denim jeans, white top and brown leather.
I am striving for a neutrals, white and warm woods scheme and here is what I am working with:
  • brown leather headboard
  • BM Norwester Tan walls and BM Cotton Balls white trim
  • drop cloth curtains and maybe some drop cloth pillows
  • white linens
  • denim bedskirt or I could sew a white or off white one
  • ecru matelasse bedspread for now
  • black in the rods, and I love having black in every room
If you have made it this far, I really appreciate it and here is where I am struggling the most. I think I want to paint the two night tables and the long dresser distressed black with stripped and re-stained wood tone tops.
But I am also liking the more popular distressed white with wood tops.
Both to me are rustic like I crave and the rest of our home has both black painted and white painted pieces. I don't want to have to flip a coin ;-) so I would love to know what you think!

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I'm seeking advice at the following parties as well...
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  1. I think I would go with the distressed white with the wood top for the dresser and bedside tables as I think it might look a bit dark with the medium brown on the walls and the dark headboard. If you did that, then all the furniture and walls and floors would be browns and whites and that would leave you free to add the denim blue in the cushions and a throw or quilt.

  2. I do love both white and black pieces with wood tops as well. I think both would work well as you have a neutral backdrop. However, the white will be brighter, and the black will appear heavier and more grounded. What is your bedding? I think that would be a determining factor about too much dark vs light.

  3. I think you are right on track staining the tops of the night stands and dresser because the darker wood will tie in nicely with the brown leather headboard. My preference for the color is white. I think white would look so pretty with your walls and curtains. I think you are going to have a beautiful cottage style room!

  4. I'm totally into the distressed white with the wood top. I don't know why I love it so much but there you go!

    I really think the pieces you are painting would lend best to that style as well. Lots of detail to use for distressing!!

  5. Well I have a feeling you know what I'm going to say - go lighter and brighter! And I think white will look great against the wall color too. That headboard is beautiful and I think white would be a nice contrast. Love your inspiration outfit. I would wear that in a heartbeat! ... Now go get busy painting. Don't wait 33 years like I did!

  6. my 2 cents: distressed white with wood tone top!

  7. I think the nightstands would look good in white, but I would think about doing the dresser in a different color so the pieces aren't all matching. You want to break it up so it doesn't look like a matched set. You want the pieces to look like they were collected over time. You could do the dresser in the black or even in a fun navy to go with the denim pieces.

  8. Ok, I'm in agreement with the other comments in the white with brown tops on the night tables. But a big YES to what Kim said in painting the long dresser something different. I like what she said about the navy, but also what comes to mind is a green? Perhaps even a soft wheat yellow? It would give the room some punch while still mostly being neautral and peaceful. I would also love to see some added print in the linens on the bed, maybe some toss pillows that pull in some more colours? Just my impressions...I like where you are heading with your room. Good luck! :)

  9. I'm going with the distressed white & wood top on the long dresser too!

    On the night tables I like the storm blue against the chocolate leather, then you could add some "crystal" pulls for a little bling.

  10. I would go for the white as well, for the same reasons others have given--with your dark headboard, it will lighten up that side of the room. But maybe you could do the dresser in the black? That's kind of what I did in my room...the two nightstands and a tall chest of drawers are creamy with wood tops, but the dresser is black with a wood top. I like the mix of finishes.

  11. Well looks like I agree - distressed white! J

  12. I really like the black, but how 'bout the same technique with a dark denim blue? I think the room needs a bit of color.

  13. I think the white would go best with a wooden top. The black next to the brown headboard would be too masculine.

  14. I love the distressed white, how about painting the night tables white and the dresser in the distressed darker colour, black or even navy. The tops left natural is such a pretty look.
    Is your bedding light coloured? It's going to look fabulous.
    Hugs, cindy

  15. I agrre with the white idea, stained top. A blue dresser would be great and then add that same blue elsewhere...like in some decorative pillows or blue and white pleates about the bed maybe?

    I like brown with blue.


  16. meant plates above the bed...sheesh! haha

  17. White and wood! It will lighten up the serious leather headboard. Looking good!

  18. I don't think you could go wrong with either choice.

  19. Your furniture items still look great but yes, you can always go for enhancements to make them look better! Perhaps you can pick out a darker colour for your headboard or get a divan bed? :))


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