Hydrangeas in our Kitchen

We are having another batch of hot hot weather but my hydrangeas don't seem to mind.

I brought some Annabelle hydrangeas into our kitchen this week. 

They look so pretty in a simple GlucksteinHome french bead pitcher I got at a thrift store for $3. 

We only have two hydrangeas, one medium sized in the backyard garden and one smaller bush not yet blooming in the front walkway garden. I need to plant some more! 

Hydrangeas are so pretty as they are growing, a lovely light light green that turns into this pretty creamy white.

I love how easy it is to add an inexpensive dose of pretty to a home with some fresh blooms. Hydrangeas are in the top five of my pretty flowers list. How about you?

Edited to add: I'm home from hospital and feeling better each day.I cut the flowers before I left and set this post to publish later. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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  1. just gorgeous. hydrangeas are such a glorious flowers. one of my many favs. it is so humid & warm here in VA too. it is nuts. anything we do around here is definitely inside & in the cooler temps. it is crazy. enjoy the weekend. (:

  2. I love this time of year when all the hydrangeas bloom. Your white variety is so pretty! We have a few varieties and I am trying to learn how to make them bloom better…..I too love to cut them and bring inside! Hope you are enjoying your summer, Elizabeth :)

  3. Hi Elizabeth. Your Annabelle hydrangeas are gorgeous.
    What a lovely jug. That sure was a steal.
    Mine aren't that big yet. I only planted them last season, so next will be better. How are you? Hope your surgery went fine.

  4. Gorgeous flowers and gorgeous pitcher - that Brian has such great taste!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Gorgeous ... hygrandeas are my favourite. I have pitchers of dried ones all over the house.

    Hope you are feeling well after your surgery .... all the best.

  6. Very pretty Elizabeth! Love the hydrangeas and that pretty pitcher!

  7. They are gorgeous. I love them and the pitcher is beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  8. the flowers are beautiful and i love the vase, very pretty display!

  9. I have not seen white ones before. So pretty.

  10. Your hydrandea are beautiful! Mine are wilting in the heat! The pitcher is so pretty!


  11. Oh these are gorgeous, Elizabeth!!!
    I love the creamy white pitcher also.

  12. I have beautiful Annabells growing in my yard too. But when I cut them for a vase they are wilted within a couple hours.

    What's your trick?

  13. gorgeous! They are at the top of my list..;j

  14. How pretty! I love the white with the cream :-)

  15. I need to plant some more as well. They are so beautiful outside but really do look lovely when brought inside as well! I am a hydrangea nut!!

  16. They are beautiful and one of my favorites! How lucky you are to have a white variety. They are so rare around where I live.

  17. Love your hydrangeas - they look perfect in that pitcher.

    How are you feeling? I can't believe you are up and cutting flowers and posting already.

  18. I saw you at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and was mesmerized by your white hydrangeas! I've never seen white ones before. Lovely! Come visit and lets be blog friends!

  19. The flowers are so lovely! I am praying for a speedy recovery for you!

  20. Beautiful hydrangeas. The white is just gorgeous!

    So glad you are doing well.

    God bless, Amy

  21. So fresh and summery, Elizabeth! I love them in the white pitcher. :) Glad that you're back home and on the road to recovery, girlie! I'll keep praying for you!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Hydrangeas are always the perfect flower for any table! I love the white on white! Just beautiful! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share you centerpiece with us.

  23. what a wonderful soothing post with those gorgeous flowers! glad to hear you're home ok - thinking of you!!

  24. Your hydrangeas are fabulous! The pitcher is dreamy.


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