Curious Onlookers Print

We love pictures of cattle and farms at our home and this Robert Duncan 'Curious Onlookers' print is one I have wanted for some time.

This past Saturday my youngest son and I did our usual stop at Tim Horton's and headed out to garage sales. We didn't find anything we wanted and it was getting really hot so we decided to make one last stop. That is where we found this framed print priced for $2 and I had two loonies (Canadian one dollar coins) out in a flash. Two dollars for an 18" x 22" matted and framed print. 

We decided to hang it on the dining rooml/hall wall between the living room and family room. I'm sure it is not everyone's taste, but we totally love it. With 4-H season well under way, the boys have been spending lots of time with the real deal (both beef and dairy-Holstein, Brown Swiss and Charolais.)

I'm very happy that school summer vacation is finally here because that means I am now home for the summer. My guys are off tonight on a bus trip with our church to the Toronto Blue Jays game so it is just the dog and I. I'm thinking I will enjoy the air conditioning and spend some time with my crochet hook. 

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  1. Great find! RELAX :) I love it when my hubby goes out of town, which is rarely, but I have the house all to myself...

  2. gorgeous photo. i need that being so hot & humid around here. the snow looks heavenly. i could roll in it & make snow angels. snow ice cream. make a snow man. perfect!! (:

  3. Love the print! Does your family ever make it up to the Great Northern Exhibition? We look forward to it all year!

  4. I love it too! It's perfect for your family with your involvement with the agricultural community. That is what art should do. It should speak to you and represent who you are. I can't believe what a great deal you got on it too!

  5. Hope you're getting some needle time in! How fun that your son goes to sales with you.... and what a great find for just 2 bucks! I love all the farm/vintage feeling you bring to your home.


  6. Cows are really curious animals. I know it doesn't fit with the stereotype, but they are. I guess its the cat in them...

  7. Perfect Elizebeth! I have seen this print before as well, but not for that price.

  8. Boy you got lucky on that find! We had a cow print in our playroom growing up by one of the Wyeths..can't remember which one, but your print looks much "happier" than ours did.
    Hope you are having a fun 4th!

  9. You got a real buy with that print. I have seen it and admired it before. My son and GD were in 4-H too


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