Adding to My Collections

I love finding affordable pieces to add to my favourite collections.

This weekend I found some great vintage items at a local thrift store and at Saturday garage sales.

Two more vintage Crown canning jars have joined my collection, the clear glass one for 50 cents and the aqua one for $3. One of my larger vintage Crown jars is leaving this week (now that I figured out how to hopefully safely wrap it for shipping) for a blogger friend's home is the US.

This large ironstone platter was $5, more than I usually spend but I loved the heaviness and age of it. 

The smaller oval ironstone plate was 99 cents.

This little wood butter press mold was $1. It is the first one, but a few more will make a collection :)

I also picked up an old yardstick for 50 cents. I was happy to find so many items I love collecting all on one Saturday morning.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We are having lovely summer weather (hot but at least our grass got a good rain once or twice last week.) I am doing some painting at a work friend's home this week and looking forward to a long weekend coming up. Did you find any good deals this week?

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  1. What fun finds! I didn't find any great deals: I saw an aqua Mason jar for $9. After reading this post, I'm glad I left it at the store. The hunt continues....

  2. Love your new items, the butter press is darling:)

  3. I love the butter press! And your table runner is adorable!

  4. I've never seen a crown jar before, but they're sort of cute. I like those thick lids on top. We have lots of Ball jars here.

  5. Everyone seems to be making good scores this week! I've never seen a jar with a lid that deep before...neat! And what a cute butter press-- you could make some holiday butter pats for fall!

  6. You scored this weekend!!! I found nothing, but that's OK. Maybe next week...

  7. some weeks are just great for junkin' aren't they!! You found some real treasures, love the ironstone.

  8. I can't believe you found aqua canning jars for so cheap! They are $10. and more here. You found some sweet things. Love the ironstone platter too!


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