Rearranging Jelly Cabinet

With all the de-cluttering from our recent garage sale I have been making changes to find room for my collections.

The tall jelly cabinet (pie safe??) that was originally in our kitchen...

 and then in our dining room (but I can't seem to find a photo)...
 and most recently in my studio/sewing room...

is back in our dining room. Without the glass front that had an unfortunate encounter with my teen son and a dining chair. Luckily said teen son is handy and also has a roll of rabbit cage wire that he was kind enough to install in place of the glass. So now the cabinet looks something like this:

I opened it up to share the display that still needs some tweaking. Just not sure what. Taking photos sometimes helps me in this process.

I started with my cream lace collection.

And then added the black and turquoise coffee set. Our china cabinet opposite this is black...

 so I was trying to add some black on this side of the room.

I still think it needs something, but I like having it back in our dining room. Edited to add: the white with aqua/turquoise paint is not new, I painted it this lovely mistint turquoise in 2009.

Wishing you all a Happy Father's Day with your loved ones. I visited with my Dad today and brought him Tim Horton's for breakfast. I have the day to myself because my husband likes to take our boys to visit with his father at his hometown car show and then spend the day at the farm.

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  1. Very pretty Elizabeth and I love how you added the chicken wire!

  2. Looks great with all your pretties Elizbeth and I love how you added the chicken wire.

  3. I agree taking a photo always helps you see where changes need to be made. I think the rabbit wire was a perfect addition, and I like the all white dishes best:)

  4. Hi Elizabeth, I love your cabinet. it is so gorgeous - the colours you've chosen. I understand why you are putting the black coffee set in for balance. Can I suggest that you remove the white pieces from that shelf and see how that looks? J

  5. Elizabeth,

    I love your cabinet with the blue painted inside. I really like the white against the blue :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love it with the chicken wire. It is a great contrast to that delicate china.
    At first glance it looked to me that the black at the bottom was dragging it down a bit (I don't know how else to word it.) I might throw in a bit of black on the top shelves as well to balance it up a bit.


  7. Looks great Elizabeth! And brownie points to your son for getting the wire in (and so straight too, good boy! ).
    I think you pulled it all together beautifully. Your lace collection pops so nicely on the blue.

  8. Your old jelly cabinet looks wonderful with it's new wired front. It looks really great, actually. Sometimes unfortunate incident turn into blessings, I hope you feel that way about this lovely little cabinet.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. I actually like it better with the rabbit wire. Maybe a little piece of black on each shelf? That would spread it around a little make it more balanced, rather than all on one shelf. Have you any other small pices that will go with your tea set?

  10. I think it looks very pretty. I love the lacy dishes.

  11. The background color is just beautiful. It really enhances your collection.

  12. It looks great with the chicken wire and the turquoise background is perfect, everything just pops against that color.

  13. I love a piece of furniture that can be so versatile! And, tell your teen good job with the rabbit wire! I think I might like it better than the glass! I am your newest follower!

  14. I must say I love the wire backing so much better. And your collection....it's beautiful. I know displays are my weak spot but I don't see anywhere you could tweak it. The white against the blue is just so pretty. I have 2 teen boys myself & we've also had a few 'mishaps' in our home. But how wonderful of him to be so helpful in repairing it! Sounds like you have yourself a pretty great kid there. I'm visiting from Primitive & Proper's POWW party.


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