Garage Sale Ready

 We had a beautiful day today for our garage sale.

I had everything priced and ready to go last night. At 5:45 am our 13 year old son woke us up ready to go. He is my garage sale buddy and was really looking forward to it. Funny how he doesn't look forward to helping around the yard or house, eh? 

Garage sales in our area don't start until 8 am but with the help of my husband and Josh, everything was ready at 7 am.  Yeah, a wee bit too early. We were fortunate to get lots of traffic and happy buyers. (There were more items not shown to the right of the photo.) The funniest part of the morning was that we brought our front porch chairs onto the grass in the shade of a tree for quiet moments and got 5 offers on them. One guy even tested it out.

A few items I decided to keep and we took 3 small boxes and mirrors left over to the thrift store. Now I just need to limit my yard sale purchases to only buy things that are my most favourite collections (ironstone, pitchers, milk glass....) Did you hit any yard sales this weekend?


  1. I had my garage sale today, too, very successful! I would have taken your barstool in a heartbeat!!!

    Glad yours was successful as well - I'm exhausted now lol!

    Have a happy Sunday :)

  2. Glad your sale was a success. I did that one time wanted to buy the desk the lady was using as her cash box at her garage sale. She thought about it for a minute and then said sure, and sold it to me.

  3. Congrats - that is a lot of work so I am glad for you that you had sunshine and happy buyers!! Now enjoy the rest of your weekend and relax :)

  4. Happy to hear that you had a good sale, but no yard sales for me today...I spent the day at the beach:)


  5. Glad you had a good sale! Funny that you took 3 items back. Did you have any offers on them?


  6. You had to have a successful yardsale, I see at least 5 things I would have bought☺

  7. Glad it was a success you had some great stuff! i.e. the ruffled plates we all loved .lol

  8. I'm Bliss and I have a garage sale addiction. I found myself squinting to see what I missed out on at yours.



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