Arch Mirror Makeover For Our Ensuite Bathroom

I'm sharing the addition of this freshly painted arch mirror to our ensuite master bath today.

The before of this heavy oak mirror I bought for $10 on kijiji:

This is the shelf with beach figurines I had in this spot before:

I painted the frame with Cloud White by Ben Moore to update it. For now at least, I'm not distressing the frame because it goes well with all the white we have going on in here. I love that it reflects the light from the window, but also that it is high enough that I won't be staring at myself when using the soaker tub.

I am also considering adding white shelves to the wall opposite the mirror for towels and baskets. I have the shelf supports but I'm still thinking on this one. When our oldest son (15) puts up the new curtain rod, I might hang a vintage tablecloth as a curtain. I'll have to see how it looks but I will share photos of whatever I end up using. 

We had a busy weekend. Saturday started with my weekly yard sale and Tim Horton's date with my youngest son J, who is 13. Then I headed off to a craft fair at the Milton Farm Museum. It is not that big of a show, but I did buy two things that I will share later this week. I wish I had known about the Caledonia show this weekend, but I missed that. My oldest sister was in town and stopped by with her grandkids for tea in the afternoon. Then I was invited to a 'girls night in' with my youngest sister/bff and her daughters that consisted of take out chicken parmigiana from our favourite Italian restaurant, mini eclairs and three movies. 

Have you been to any yard sales or shows recently?

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  1. That is beautiful. I am continuously amazed by what a difference the right colored paint can make!

  2. oh, i love the shape, elizabeth! very pretty wall color, too:)

  3. The mirror looks great in it's new dress of white paint. I love the shape =)

  4. Ooooo!!! It's even a little nautical with its boat shape!

  5. I love that the mirror frame reminds me of windows in a Church. Great eye to snatch that old mirror!!

  6. You had a very busy weekend. My DH and I went awol for 4 days and found some a thrift store, a few garage sales and a rummage sale. I also got to Ikea and did a Bead Bop with my granddaughter.

  7. gorgeous, elizabeth! i love the classic shape!

  8. Love your arched mirror, Elizabeth. Perfect for your bathroom.
    Mary Alice

  9. Wow, it is so beautiful! You picked a good find! :-)

  10. Wow! It looks beautiful! I love it!

  11. Love your mirror. What a beautiful shape and so clean and crisp!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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