Small Changes in the Entry

Do you ever have so many projects on the go that you just don't know where to start? Or what to finish? I tend to start more projects than I finish.

One thing I have been working on is freshening our front entry. Our entry is small but I wanted to add a bit of decor and continue to work on organization, so I borrowed an idea from Holly at Down To Earth Style, using some burlap to hang a little wood berry wreath on our closet door. Simple, super easy and using items I already had on hand, but I love the look.

I was also frustrated with the dog leashes and doggie bags that we had in a basket in the entry cabinet. Whenever the kids took out a leash, they would just drop it on the floor or leave the cabinet door half open. I chose practical over pretty and decided to paint some shaker peg hooks charcoal grey and hang them behind the door. No more leashes on the floor! A little rose toile bag holds doggie bags (I may switch the pull close top to handles.) I still need to cover the screws on the peg hooks but that is another project completed.

We are now on March Break from school/work for nine days and I am looking forward to squeezing some extra time into our schedule to hopefully complete a few more projects I have started. The major project I will be working on is prepping and painting my sister and brother-in-law's kitchen (ceiling, walls and trim.) That is a pretty big project but my sister is taking two days off work to lend a hand. Luckily they only live two streets away.  Today we picked paint samples and tomorrow we start the prep work.

Are you the type that loves to start projects and has many on the go, or do you start and finish each project before moving on?

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  1. I think , that we often have so many projects on the go and just don't know where to start, but this feeling can be also nice, it' s always better to have something to do :)) Good luck with your projects :)

  2. I usually start one and then finish it before moving on to the next. My husband however does not operate that way and he can have a million going and never finish a one of 'em!


  3. You changes look great Elizabeth! I have a "Project List" that I create at the beginning of the month and for me that is working out great! I just mark things off as I finish them up.

  4. Really like what you did with the leashes and the wreath on the burlap! Love the sign for the coats and shoes too, I need one of those:D I have so many projects on the go, hoping to get some finished up during the March break if the kids will let me, lol. Enjoy your holiday and have fun painting!


  5. I love little posts like this! Ones with just a few little changes that really make a big difference. I always have tons of projects on the go, but I often wonder if the little things I do are really enough to share on my blog. I love reading about them though!

  6. Your wreath looks wonderful! =) You are way more organized than me. Maybe I should start with a list....what comes first? Ugh!

  7. I love all your decorating additions :) The burlap to hang the wreath is simply brilliant.

    Have a wonderful day!


  8. Love all of your changes. The wreath looks cute hung by burlap ribbon. I love that stuff! I love peg racks too. That will definitely keep you more organized. Hope you have a good week next week, but try to get something fun in too! Our kids Spring Break is in April.

  9. Sounds like you will be busy for a while, Elizabeth. I get too overwhelmed if I have too many things going at once.

  10. I love to start projects, but finishing them is another story. I have been trying very hard these last two months to finish each project before I move on to another. I had not finished the seat pillows on one of my wingback chairs, so I made myself go back and finish it on Friday. If I can just remember the wonderful feeling that comes when I finish a project I would never leave one unfinished again.
    I like what you have done in your entry and I love the chalkboard sign. That was what I needed when I had kids at home.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  11. I love the sign you have in your entry about the coats! So cute! :-) I am definitely someone who has many projects going at once -- I can't help it! Luckily, my husband finds it endearing. ;-)


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