Mason Jar -Collection Updated

I love mason jars and today I am sharing my updated collection all in one spot.

Mason jars are just so appealing and practical.

My favourites are the aqua jars with zinc rings and matching aqua glass seals. I have about a dozen of these, many so old that there are very distinct bubbles visible in the glass and they are a bit mis-shapen.

Mixed with my little collection of silver, or my growing collection of white dishes, ironstone pieces  and linens, it is hard for me to resist photographing them.

I always keep part of my aqua mason jars on an open shelf in the kitchen, and enjoy decorating the shelves seasonally.

This past Christmas the mason jars on the kitchen shelf were filled with old Christmas lights just for fun.

Miniature mason jars make great tealight holders. Simple twine was wrapped around the rims for some texture.

We also use mason jars, new and vintage, for food storage. In the little beverage center beside our stove a vintage jar holds tea bags and a new jar holds hot chocolate mix. I switched all my spices to  small mason jars and used my label maker to label them.

I love to use my vintage mason jars to hold fresh cut flowers from the garden.

In my hobby room/studio I use vintage mason jars to hold paint brushes, buttons, knitting needles and trims.

Using lamp kits, I made a few little lamps out of bigger jars.

And of course we use new mason jars for jam and frozen soups and stews.

Almost all my vintage jars, aqua or not, are Crown jars made in Canada. I found a pair recently that have the Improved Gem lids...

one an Improved Gem and the other with a Mid West logo, both also Canadian Made.

I shared my first mason jar post with Funky Junk Interiors' SNS Mason Jars the first time around here, and now I am sharing this updated collection at SNS Special Mason Jars #123 here. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Simple , but yet an attractive post!!!Love the pic with the Christmas bulbs...Blessings Lori

  2. wow, you have a great collection. my mom has a bunch. i love their color & all the different lettering on the front. would stare at them as a child. glistening in the sunlight. maybe one day i will have a few. (:

  3. I collect mason jars too. I like your ideas of how to use them! I did buy some soap pumps from Heather at Post Road. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Wow, what a great collection! Aren't they the coolest to have around?!? Love the vintage Christmas bulbs, how cool. :)


  5. I love your mason jar collection - it is one of the inspirations behind me collecting them as well. I would love to see a photo of the mason jars used for spices. Do you use the double lids? I need to find jars for my spices and I'm not sure whether to get something at IKEA or maybe try the mini mason jars. Would you recommend them.

  6. I love mason jars and the aqua ones are just wonderful. I use mason jars for everything. Love them ;-)

  7. You have such cool jars. I love the lids all grey and old looking. What a beautiful post. I want your craft/paint room...love the paint organizer. Need one like that..nice job!

  8. LOVE your collection of mason jars, Elizabeth!!!
    I usually fill mine with seashells and set them on my window sills. It reminds me of the sea, because of the aqua and sea green color.
    I like how you utilize your jars for everything in your home.

  9. Siiiggghh... I love them. I don't know why but there is something about Mason jars.

  10. Hi Elizabeth,
    You have a very nice collection of aqua mason jars...
    Love the one with the flowers from the garden! They are so nice to have around. I love to find them at thrift stores, it just makes my day...
    Have a great day today!
    All the Best,

  11. You have a wonderful collection of them. I love how they look when the light goes through them. They look so pretty used a a container for flowers.

  12. The logos on your jars are really neat! I love my collection of jars, too. I recently scored a metal carrier to put them in and starting buying fresh market flowers to stuff inside! They are the most natural container and I also think one of the freshest in decoration! andrea@townandprairie

  13. All those ideas and you can in them too!


  14. You have such a wonderful collection, and I've never seen the ones with the glass lids...very cool! I love that you change them out for the different holidays. I will have to keep my eye out for a glass lidded one.

    Kat :)

  15. I myself collect mason jars and love them.I have a few with crowns from Canada and would like more though they are a lil hard for me to find.
    I love all your ideas and uses.I remember long ago Martha Stewart use to have a wall until full of mason jars in her kitchen it was amazing.~Cheers Kim


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