Vintage Industrial Wooden Spools

Hmm, industrial spools or industrial bobbins? Or maybe they are called both.
I do know that I love the patina and various sizes of each piece, and details like the red paint, green paint and metal ends. I often wonder the task they were made for and where these hard working pieces were put to use.   
They are not used nearly enough in my decor and were kind of hidden away in my hobby room/studio (plus two new ones I found recently.) 
I have been considering selling them in my etsy shop or trying to find a vintage sale to hook up with. We just don't have a lot of horizontal and open display surfaces here. For now I brought them down to our kitchen table to enjoy for a few days. 

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  1. Well till you decide what to do with them, they look darn cute on your table!


  2. They do look nice all together on the table. I've seen them used as candle sticks and also the heavier ones made into electric lights. They look great.

  3. Love them! I found a few myself last year at an estate sale. I listed them in my etsy shop and 2 sold. I have one left so you should definitely add! Someone will buy them and love them. =)


  4. I have a few of those back in my cabinets somewhere. I used them for candlesticks for a while. Thanks for reminding me of them. I love that yours are all different colors and sizes!

  5. I've always liked those. I have a couple and also have no idea what to do with them. I've thought about making a peg board with them, using a few different sizes or simply hanging a couple on a wall as pegs, but I have no idea how to mount them.

  6. You have some nice ones. I have a few put away somewhere.

  7. They make a very cute display! If you decide to sell a few...call me first ;-)

  8. Just a few months ago I found some big spools of string at my antique mall. 5 spools fit perfectly around a vintage bobbin I had. I tied them with a piece of twine and they look very rustic and warm. The twine is varied colors of blue. You would have a buyer if you listed these in your Etsy. :o)

  9. I have a few and love them! Mom bought me a few as a Christmas gift when she was yard-saling last summer. The two thin ones I have still have old thread on them.

  10. I love vintage spools! I found two myself, and they are in my quilting room. They are the perfect perches for my pincushions =) I found that they are getting more popular now, though, and therefore more expensive!

  11. I have three similar spools. I love their rustic, yet practical sensibility. Your collection is great. And I don't really know how they were used either. I'm following you via Linky Followers and I hope you'll follow back. Also, please take a minute and visit Cottage and Creek and enter my first ever Choose Joy Giveaway. Drawing will be held on Valentine's Day. Have a great rest of the weekend :)
    Email: Lynn@nsytes.com

  12. They look great! I love them.They make a nice display.


  13. I really like seeing them grouped together like that. It definitely brings a sense of history to the room. I remember the first time that I ever saw those was when I was a teenager babysitting for an interior decorator. Her home was so pretty and uniquely accessorized. She had a grouping of those standing upright on her sofa table with candles on some of them. I thought they were the neatest thing! Gosh, they were old back then, so they are even older now, but still popular.

  14. Those are a cool display all on their own....keep 'em. They are so beautiful.

  15. Hi Elizabeth,
    Your spools look fabulous sitting on the table in a lovely ironstone plate. I love anything that speaks of yesteryear. Not sure why, I just do. Your photos are great and it's so nice to see the wall behind them, too. My hubby is considering putting it in our small bathroom. I think it would look very sweet in there.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. These are great images! Thanks for sharing! My name is Kristen Crosby and I'm with Design Shuffle. I was wondering if you could email me at kristen.c@designshuffle.com I'd love to discuss a guest post opportunity with you!

  17. Love the wooden spools. I hope you link up this post at Cowgirl Up!! Woo hoo!! I'm following with GFC and linky!

  18. Hi Elizabeth,
    You have some very nice spools!
    They do make such a beautiful arrangement on your table. I LOVE the natural pine patina on them!
    All the Best,

  19. Could you string a piece of wool or rope through them and make a garland with them - especially if they had something else laced on inbetween each of the bobbins (not sure what though). I really like the used worn look they have.

  20. Thanks for your visit. I really like how you've displayed your wonderful spools. Love all the colors showing through.
    I'm started following you on Linky, Mary Alice

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  22. OOHHHH, I love these old spools! Thanks for coming to check out my page. I'm now one of your followers :)


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