I'm Back

Until this week we really had no idea how much we depend on our computer. We have only ever had one family computer, and this week she went down. Down with viruses. Luckily all our photos are safe, but she is in the shop getting cleaned up and hopefully we will get her back later this week. With young teens needing to do homework, my blog and everyday 'stuff' we decided to buy a laptop yesterday and brought it home today. This might make juggling computer time a bit easier for us! (We didn't get a mac because of the cost and I still have to walk my husband through most things on pc's as it is.)

I hope to be back soon with photos and answering emails as soon as we get our old girl back and work out some wireless stuff. For now I will try and visit some of you. Well, after our boys get some assignments researched.


  1. Welcome back! Glad you got everything fixed!


  2. I completely understand that! We've had that happen to us before and I swear it felt like our world came to an end without our computer! We have all come to depend on them so much haven't we? My husband asked me once, what did we do before computers existed? Glad that all your files are safe and you were able to gain another computer for your household. We have had to do the same thing since my kids are getting older. We have a desktop computer, a netbook and a kindle fire. (Large, medium and small I guess) Ha!

  3. We don't realize how much we rely on our computer until it goes down.
    I love my laptop!

  4. Hi I just spent sometime touring your home , a lot of good idea's. I really enjoyed my visit...Blessings Lori...If you did not check out my blog yet , please do so . Lori

  5. Oh wow. That's not good. I'm sure you'll appreciate having an extra computer to use. See you soon. Pamela

  6. Glad to hear all your photos are safe and you are back online :o)

  7. Sorry to hear you've been having computer woes but glad to see you back online!

    Kat :)

  8. Glad you're back! I have to tell you, I went Mac this past fall and I love it! It was mostly work related that pushed me in that direction and I'm just trilled!

  9. We went through the same thing! Bought a laptop and now we never even touch the old computer. Except now we want a second laptop.... it's a slippery slope!


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