Home Goals 2012

We have lots of goals for our home for 2012, some of the projects are nearing completion, others I have made plans for, and some are on a wish list.
Note: I'm having a lot of trouble with blogger tonight, the photo and text spacing is just crazy and totally unpredictable. 
After I sorted and packed away all the Christmas decor, I spent some time deciding what our home goals were for this year. The Nester is hosting a 2012 Home Goals Party where she is encouraging us to make some goals for our home in 2012. I always have a written list of items I want to work on (what can I say, I'm a list maker!) Taking a deep breath, I decided to share not only my list, but also some not so pretty photos of areas of our home that still need a lot of work. My plan is to mark off items as we complete them and post the changes as they happen. I was able to get two items ticked off this weekend (highlighted in blue). So, here is our list for Home Goals in 2012.

Family room: 
continue the board and batten from our kitchen to the fire place/family room side of wall and finally finish it 
finally install a mantel
strip or repaint sideboard used as TV stand   
new lamps and/or lampshades
redo photo gallery walls

The first photo is the kitchen side of the wall that will carry around to the family room side behind the TV. The second photo shows the wall last year, and the third is what we have accomplished so far this year. We also have half of the wall behind the TV completed. The fourth photo is the gallery wall(s) that needs work and I want to add the frames I got for Christmas.

Basement stairwell: 
trim post at top of stairs (see dining room)
continue board and batten in stairway to basement
lots of coat hooks
paint walls and trim
remove carpet and try to unify the stairs (4 stairs are carpet, the landing has nothing, and the bottom 7 stairs are white painted wood that is chipping) 
strip and re-stain handrail

beadboard or subway tile backsplash
finish caulking and painting soffit board and batten (over 1/2 completed)

Basement guest bedroom: 
paint walls, doors and trim
add curtains and curtain rods on large window, and two small windows
decorate using what I have or can update
replace headboard of double bed
paint walk in closet
make or find frame for twin mattress
new blanket or coverlet in white or cream
find a TV stand and short bookcase and possibly paint
finish painting, distressing and waxing pine framed window mirror

The first photo is the rattan chair that I recovered but the frame still needs painted.
The second photo is our guest bedroom while I was prepping the walls, but is now freshly painted Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls (updated photos to follow, hopefully by the end of the month.)

Basement kitchen:
update cabinets and/or remove cabinet doors
decide whether to change sink/stove configuration or just update sink with a new tap

Basement TV area:
find/buy a loveseat for additional seating
TV stand/cabinet
update decor and art or photos
possibly re-paint if I have extra time

Main floor powder room:
paint ceiling
paint walls
frame mirror
possibly beadboard or board and batten 

Master bedroom:
paint night tables and dresser
repair wall (from old roof leak)
curtain for closet

Master bedroom en-suite bath:
new tap
new lights
artwork/photo/or wall decor above soaker tub
frame mirror


Boy's (main upstairs) bathroom:
paint walls
paint trim
paint ceiling
new light fixture
towel hooks
wall shelves above toilet
frame mirror
shower curtain and accessories
scary bathroom photo of a really bad faux cloud ceiling I attempted circa 2004

Living room:
new curtains
find or make a new coffee table
bookcase/cabinet/dresser type piece of furniture for wall opposite window
finish wall gallery

Dining room:
add blinds
trim posts between dining room/family room and dining room/basement stairs 

Laundry room:
new faucet
light fixture
add shelf below cabinets to somewhat disguise electrical and vent (thanks Julie for the ideas!)

Continue with overall maintenance and repairs including:
a whole other list of 'little repairs' 
continue to caulk exterior windows (family room windows completed in Fall'11)
new garage door (we hope)
new garage man door
level or replace front walkway

I am looking forward to a new year of loving our home even more.We have a pretty tight budget, so all of our projects will be DIY and will re-purpose or creatively re-use items as much as possible. I am realistic and know that not all of these projects will be finished this year, but hopefully we will be able to complete many projects that will make our home more comfortable for us and at the same time maintain or increase our eventual resale value.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit, and if you have comments or ideas I would love to hear them? If you are sharing your home goals, let me know and I will be sure to visit.

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  1. Holy cow I thought I was the only one who made detailed lists like that..I am going to go tell my husband that I am normal..LOL..Seriously though I hope you get done everything on your list..I hear you on the tight budget part but I found it to be more rewarding when you do the work yourself and with reclaimed items..Especially the free kind..Have a great week..Can't wait to see your projects completed and crossed off that list..

  2. Lots of ambitious goals/projects. Good Luck! :-)
    I'm your newest follower, Mary Alice

  3. Lots of work to do but you do it so well, Elizabeth, it will be beautiful!

  4. your list looks a lot like mine:) i know your home will be (more) beautiful when you get it done! i love your board and batten walls:)

  5. I'm tired just reading of all that you want to do.. But I'm sure that you will get it done, Your home always look so nice, But if your like me you want it to look even better, I'm working on my laundry room and it's turned into the project from you know where.... Have a great rest of the week


  6. Wow ... quite a list.

    Love the rattan chair ... and funny what you don't notice ... I just saw the paper clips on the gallery wall ... love, love, love.


  7. I think I'm tired just reading all of this! So much work but it will sure be worth it when it's finished!!

    And actually, I'm a list maker extraordinaire so maybe I should do this... put "my list" out there for you all and see if it gets or keeps me moving on all of my projects!


  8. That is quite the list, but your home is going to be so beautiful when you are finished. You have great vision for your home.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Wow you will be one or should it be several woman this year. Best of luck.... Oh and I love the Keady Market sign.... did yo make it.... If you live near there then we live sort of near each other. Oh yes, I love your style! Now I guess that I need to get a wiggle on and get working on my never ending list.

  10. Found you from the Nester. Wow, you have a long list. Good luck! I'll check back!

  11. Oh my...you have a lot to do and I look forward seeing all your hard work. I hope to start my first home project this week...painting my kitchen.


  12. WOW, that is quite a list. Good luck with it all!

  13. Quite the list! That is what I love about winter....time to get things done.

  14. Oh my...I would need another whole year to complete this list!
    Have fun with this, Elizabeth.


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