Aqua Crown Canning Jars ~ The lids

On my recent collections post, I had some comments and emails asking about the lids of my aqua crown canning jars.

The lids are original to the Crown mason jars and most came with the three piece lids -one zinc ring, one matching glass seal with the crown logo, and a rubber seal ring.

The jars are really old and have bubbles inside the glass and their shape is not always uniform (a few of them are lopsided and even though a bunch are qt. they are slightly different heights.)

I broke two of the largest ones I had two years ago and actually gave some away before I realized they were something I wanted to collect. For more of the hydrangeas and our dining room changes, click here.

Did you catch the peek of our new ladder find? Or new old ladder find. It is in new condition but I'm not sure if it is old.

I found it at Habitat Restore in Owen Sound, Ontario while browsing with my sil. I asked if it was for sale and the guy said 'sure, $10.' Uh, sold. Love the galvanized support pieces.

And just for fun, sepia in Picasa.

I love my collection of mason jars, the aqua Crown, clear glass Crown and even a few with the wire/glass lid tops. If you would like to see more posts on my jars, check here and here and here.

 I hope this answers the questions I received and I hope you have a great weekend (long weekend here in Ontario.)

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Denim and Vintage Crochet ~And Opinions Needed!

I adore denim and white. I would wear it all day, every day if I could. I also love vintage crochet in whites and creams.

So, I decided to combine my love of denim and white and add more of it to our home. I started by making quilt inspired denim and white pillows for our leather couch. When I reorganized my studio/hobby room, I came across some vintage crocheted pieces. Using an old pine frame, some dark wash denim and a vintage crochet piece, I came up with my own kind of art. I decided not to reuse the glass. This is where I need some help (sorry for the blurry photos!)

The room is pretty plain so I decided to try a wall gallery similar to this PB one, but in colour instead of black and white.

Our living room right after being painted BM Cotton Balls and trim BM Snowfall White.

I need opinions please! Am I on the right track? Should I scrap it and start again on the wall with the ladder (a bigger space)? I really want to use the large photo I took of a favourite barn but thought it was too small by itself. Should I bring the Cows in a Field cross stitched piece lower and not include the denim and crochet piece in the gallery? Or should I continue to fill in the empty spaces? So like me to start hanging before I totally have a plan! I would love to hear what you think 'cause I am at a standstill right now.

Some of the frames are empty still, and I haven't bought anything yet, just using what I have so far. The perfectly rusty large paper clips are from the giveaway I won at 3 Ring Cottage. I'm looking forward to hearing opinions.



I'm sharing my collections today and joining Suzanne at Privet and Holly, where bloggers are sharing their collections this week.

Suzanne said "I'd love to peek in your window and see what you collect.....or to hear what things you hold dear to your heart."  These are my favourite collections ~lots of pictures and few words today.

Vintage Mason Jars ~especially aqua ones!

  White pitchers, White dinnerware, dishes and platters, Vintage table linens with lace and crochet details in whites. 

Galvanized pails and watering cans

Washboards ~ only 4 but I love them.

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get a chance to see the other links at Privet and Holly. You definitely want to read Suzanne's lovely insight into collections. What do you collect?


Changes in Our Dining Room ~And Hydrangeas!

Some small changes in our dining room (and fresh hydrangeas of course!) are making me happy today!

Our dining room is open to the traffic path through our home and to our living room (this view is from the living room.) It really only has these three walls. I love our Mennonite pine farmhouse table and Windsor chairs. The curtains are a simple cotton with a very subtle white on white stripe. I made them very full and may still change the way they hang (more clips.)

The opening, below, (parapet wall) is to our basement stairs, our main stairs beyond and the front entry. I have plans to add trim to the opening and basement stair walls. This view is standing in the entry to our kitchen. The table runner is made with water shot moire cotton (leftover from my wedding dress my sister made for me 19 years ago yesterday!)

Below is the view from the dining room towards the kitchen and family room. I would like to disguise the thermostat and switches. The distressed black buffet and hutch holds some of my collection of white dishes.

I started this little update because I wasn't happy with the look of the previous wood pole and black metal curtain clips (IKEA years ago.)

I decided to change to a thin black metal drapery rod, similar in style to the other drapery rods on our main floor.
I also changed the direction of the table now that the wall opposite the hutch no longer has a cabinet. It looked like this before: 

I can always change the table back if I find a long and low dresser or buffet for the wall opposite the hutch.

 I also took down the extra scrolly arms on the light fixture for a simpler look.

We still need to center the light over the table with a ceiling hook (the builder centered the light in the open space, not the table space.) I filled aqua Crown mason jars from my collection with hydrangeas for the table.

Things around here are always a work in progress. I'm thinking of adding a wood blind to the window for more texture. We also need to work on adding wood and moulding to make the drywall posts look more intentional and less hockey stick chipped (our boys used to play hockey indoors!) I'm also wondering if I need something on the walls. I'm open to suggestions! But for now I am enjoying the simple look and of course loving my hydrangeas!

This mini makeover had a whopping cost of $18 for the new rod and 2 more packs of rings costing $7 each (50% off drapery hardware at Zellers this week.) Total: $32 plus tax Cdn. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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