A Ruffled Drop Cloth Pillow

I snuck in one more project before the end of the year.

I used some leftover drop cloth fabric and a simple envelope style back to make a pillow slip, adding a loosely gathered ruffle detail. This time I left the ruffle edge raw. I had both the down insert and the drop cloth on hand, so this was a freebie project.

The chair is one of three I picked up recently with a lovely round oak pedestal table. I was going to paint the table for our kitchen but it was too big for the space, so I sold it on kijiji for more than I paid for all four pieces. That left me with three very sturdy chairs that I plan to paint. I would love to try some chalk paint on these, probably white.

We have had several days of snow since Christmas and I have been busy tidying and organizing, and blog hopping of course! Time to get out for a nice walk with the dog. So as this year draws to a close, I was wondering if you think using drop cloth fabric for projects is here to stay a while, or will it be a '2011' thing? I personally love that it is not only neutral, but so affordable and easy to wash with kids and a dog.

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  1. I love your pillow!! That is just too cute. You're lucky you can sew. I might need to learn how to do that (with a machine) in 2012. I'm always envious of people that can make things for their home on a whim. I use fabric glue for everything. Ha! Enjoy that pretty snow. We've just got ugly rain.

  2. I love your pillows. Cant wait to see your painted chairs!

  3. I love ruffles! This is so cute and simple!!

  4. I totally love that.... I hate sewing though. I wonder if I could stitch witch that....ha!
    Holly - Down to Earth

  5. I think white and cream and ruffles are here for the long haul...burlap I think is on it's way out..it just isn;t comfortable. I love the pillow and think it is marvelous that you can just pick something up and create a lovely pillow.

  6. The pillow looks great and I hope you post a photo of the chairs soon..Can't wait to see how you finished them..
    HaPpY NeW YeAr..

  7. I love the ruffles. I can't sew. It's shameful but true. One day!

  8. Hi, love the ruffle on the pillow. Using drop cloths sure a great economical way to go and I love the look. Trends are always changing, but some things never go out of style. Heck, no one even know it was a drop cloth if you don't tell them. I haven't tried chalk paint yet, but have a table I'm dying to use it on. Thinking white also. Have a wonderful New Year. We usually are blanketed in snow, but not this year. Actually had record breaking 58 degrees. Seems a bit weird.


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