My Favorite Post of 2011 Party -Dairy Inspired Cloche

I'm joining Home Stories A to Z 's My Favorite Post of 2011 link party tonight, with my favourite post of 2011, Dairy Inspired Cloche.

Here it is reposted, from November 1, 2011:

Most of my readers know we are a bit farm and cow obsessed at our home, in the nicest way of course ; )

With the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair starting this week in Toronto, Ontario, I was inspired to create a dairy themed cloche centerpiece for our kitchen. We have always attended 'The Royal' (Canada's most prominent agricultural event held indoors for two weeks every November) but it is even more fun for us now because our oldest son participated in the dairy show last year, and will be participating in the beef show this year.

For this centerpiece, I used a black wire cloche on a white platter. Because the cloche is tall, I added a vintage wooden spool to raise the old milk bottle with the embossed 'Brampton Jerseys' label. A white Holstein Dairy show ribbon and vintage brass cow tags, and a trio of little milk/cream bottles complete the centerpiece. My son thought it was crazy that I wanted to use a white ribbon because white ribbons are 3rd place, when I could have used 1st place red ribbons. It's all about the colour, baby.

We have put away all our Halloween decorations and I'm enjoying this simple look in the kitchen. This centerpiece, the Keady Livestock and Farmer's Market sign, and my barn photos will be the backdrop to many conversations our family will have around this farmhouse table in the next few weeks. A bit of farm love in suburbia!

Thanks to the many blogs I read, including Marty's A Stroll Thru Life, I had the courage to attempt this little arrangement using items I already had on hand quickly after work today. Marty said just about anything could go under a cloche. If you question your decorating skills, as I often do, or think you don't have the items it takes to put together a little vignette, you may miss out on the pleasure of adding some personality or seasonal fun to your home. Look around your home, take inspiration from others, and just go for it. Happy November!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying this time between Christmas and the New Year. Thanks to Beth from Home Stories A to Z for hosting.


  1. I love your cloche..Great job and original..Marty was right,ya can use anything..

  2. Very good idea! :) Cloche is beautiful :) Greetings , M :)

  3. Very cute. I really love the little number tags hanging from the top!

  4. I remember this post. I really love the creativity of it. It definitely captures the theme you were going for!

  5. This is really cute. I love the different spin on a traditional cloche. Great job!

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    This one is a keeper! Love the height of this wire cloche. Also that it is black chicken wire, so perfect! I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Holidays & Have a Happy New Year!
    All the Best,


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