Christmas on Our Front Porch~ 2011

Welcome to our little porch here in southern Ontario, Canada!

In winter our spring/summer porch chairs get switched for this big Muskoka chair that can handle lots of snow and cold weather. I added a simple wreath to our door, and vintage skis, figure skates and hockey skates for decor that reflects our love of winter sports. We have about 25 hockey sticks around here (no kidding!), and they often turn up on the porch (and the entry, in front of the TV, in our bedroom...) So it was fitting that I didn't move the pair on the porch today. Just decorated around them.

I used greenery, red, black and neutrals that are similar to the colours used in our kitchen and family room Christmas decor. The same burlap ribbon, red and black buffalo checked ribbon, and red wood berry garland are also used on our family room tree. 

Hockey is big in our family and home. Our boys, and almost all my many nieces, nephews, and great nieces and great nephews have played or currently play hockey. And some figure skate too. Skating and hockey is a national thing, and for us it is a family thing too. We learned to skate when we were three and had to hold onto a chair or get help from older siblings and cousins. 

I reused my black planters and filled them with fresh princess pine and aromatic cedar, along with some red dogwood branches for colour. Love the smell of the greens as we come and go. The little snowman in the sidelight window was made by our oldest son in grade 4 (I must have dropped his other stick arm and mitten, oops.)

I shared my vintage skis find on our porch last Christmas, here. Do you skate, and if so do you wear hockey skates or figure skates? When I was growing up we called them 'boys' skates and 'girls' skates but now there are so many girls playing hockey (and some boys figure skating) that they are 'figure skates' or 'hockey skates.'

 No matter where you are, I thank you for dropping by and wish you a wonderful day!

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  1. Love love love your front porch. It all looks so wonderful and welcoming to people and winter.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorating on your front porch with us. I live where ice is a rarity so it is fun to see how folks in different climates decorate for ths holidays.

  3. I love all your winter decorations on your porch.

  4. Your porch is beautiful and welcoming! Does it come with hot chocolate?

  5. I love your front porch decorations. I learned to figure skate on an outdoor rink right on our block! We would put our skates on in the back stairs and walk out the back door, across the yard to the public rink. It was wonderful and we skated whenever we could any time of day and any weather, except rain. There were even floodlights at night so we could skate but was it ever cold! Such fun though. I miss skating now due to sore joints and feet. Hugs, Pamela

  6. I like that you used a theme for your front porch area. It's fitting for yours to be outdoor winter sports since your family participates so much in those. I live in the south, so no skates for us! Ha! Football, baseball and soccer are the big sports around here. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my ~ I love your little front porch. So festive and I love the skates ~ what part of Ontario are you in? I am in Harrow, Ontario just outside of Windsor. Have a great day ;-)

  8. ok, who will teach me to ski? looks like fun. love the porch. (:

  9. What a beautiful space:) I love the skis, hockey sticks, and skates. Looks like it all just happened you didn't even have to decorate to achieve the look. I think it should be in a magazine.

  10. I love your christmas decorating. I especially like your front porch, because mine has a similar theme (great minds think alike). Come on by my new blog for a visit.
    Jody- Northern Living


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