Easy Christmas Idea #3 ~ Fabric and Burlap Tree Garlands

Time for part three of my Easy Christmas Ideas series.

Easy Christmas Ideas ~A series at Blue Clear Sky~

I will be sharing some simple ideas for Christmas decorating using items you may already have or that you can find inexpensively. My goal is to inspire readers looking for affordable and easy ways to decorate this Christmas. Your style may be different than mine, but many of the ideas can be altered to suit your taste.

Easy Christmas Idea #3 ~Fabric and Burlap Tree Garlands

A Christmas tree garland can be easily made from cut or ripped fabric strips or burlap. A chain of book page or scrapbook paper strips would also be easy and affordable. Pick a colour or texture that suits your decor style and theme. Garland is great for adding some fullness to your tree. Do you use a garland and what type?

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  1. Lovely tree, where did you find your loose weave burlap? I used to do a natural tree every year, I dehydrated orange and apple slices, strung popcorn and cranberries, and made cinnamon applesauce ornament. It was all so easy to get rid of, just open the door and throw it out into the woods and all the forest animals feasted on it.

  2. I like your country themed tree and the burlap. I decorate the tree with vintage and newer glass ornaments, sparklie ones and metal icicles and gold beads draped around the tree. I use an old quilt with the underside (white) showing wrapped around the base for a tree skirt and I use white minilights. I used colored lights until 2 Christmases ago and I love the white ones now. Keep on coming with the ideas. I'm liking them! Pamela

  3. Love the burlap idea... I've been thinking about making a book page chain myself this year! Another idea for my .10 cent book :)


  4. wow, that looks so much fun! I'm gonna try to make burlap garland before my next show and stuffed plaid angels wings for ornaments...Mel's Designs

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Your tree is beautiful! I do like the burlap garland! We usually use a garland as well but this year I think I will try something new.
    Great series!
    All the Best,

  6. very pretty! I love burlap!

  7. I love the burlap! I need to buy more, that would make such an interesting look on a tree. I love what yours looks like in the photo.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Love using burlap ribbon as a garland. I sometimes use garland and sometimes not. I've used ribbon before as a garland. It just depends on the look that I'm going for at the time. I like to change the look of my tree up each year. I have a plethora of tree trimmings that I choose from.


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