Bloggers in BHG Christmas Ideas.

 I know, I know, it is only Halloween, but I just had to buy this Christmas magazine.

While waiting in a really loooong grocery lineup today, BHG Special Interest Publications 2011 Christmas Ideas caught my eye. A quick flip through revealed lots of pretties including the Christmas homes of diy/decor bloggers Layla and Kevin of The Lettered Cottage...

Jennifer Grey of The Old Painted Cottage...

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home...

and Kate Riley of Centsationalgirl (edited to add this one that I somehow missed on my quick flip through.)

Of course I brought this one home! I find myself reading shelter magazines differently now, always checking to see if the photographer, stylist or home is the work of someone I 'know' from the world of blogs. I admit it kind of makes those articles even better. I can hardly wait for some quiet time this evening to read the whole issue.


  1. You have me convinced to run out and purchase the magazine. Thanks:)

  2. I agree I love seeing blogger friend's homes in magazines. I was thinking of keeping them all together. In a strange way I feel I know these people and am proud their homes have been featured.

  3. Oh how funny...I just did the same thing:) I really never spend $6 for a magazine, but this one was just filled with sooooo much beautiful things!!


  4. I saw that magazine out several weeks ago and bought it too. I noticed all the bloggers homes in there and just had to have it! It's a great issue. It makes me more excited about Christmas decorating with all of that good inspiration.

  5. Thanks for telling us about the magazine. I'm buying one too:)

  6. Love it! I follow them, too. Thanks for the heads-up!

  7. I got a few ideas just from your pictures. thanks!

  8. Nice, Elizabeth. I'm glad you pointed these out. So fun to have friends in the news.

  9. Hi Elizabeth,

    It is a great issue this year!
    I love Christmas magazines...
    Have a great day!
    All the Best,

  10. I have been dreaming of Christmas.
    We had our second snow fall of the season yesterday.
    I planned part of my Boxing day menu and made Martha Stewart's Christmas trees from old magazines,they are very cute.
    I will have to look for this magazine!

  11. I'll admit... I bought this magazine a couple of weeks ago! I'm a sucker for ANYTHING Christmas... I think I buy every magazine put out for Christmas/December!

    I also find myself looking for "friends" within the pages of my magazines...


  12. I've had my issue for 2 weeks and have read it cover to cover already. It was so nice to see some fellow bloggers that I 'know' featured in this issue. Lots of great ideas.

  13. I don't have this magazine yet, but I will be looking for it!

  14. Isn't that a wonderful magazine? I saw it in the grocery store while in a line up and I showed my daughter through it and told her that I read all of those blogs! She was quite surprised, as was I that I "knew" them all! The blogging world has changed so many things for us, eh?
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Wow, how very kind of you! It is a little surreal to see yourself in a magazine but what a fun experience! Thanks so much for the shout out today!!


  16. I saw that at the store, but didn't realize who was in it. I'll have to go back and grab it.

  17. Just love the cover of the Christmas Ideas magazine...A friend just gave me a Cottage Idea book...for only 79 cents at a little local thrift shop!!! I'm so excited to start checking it out....hop over to my blog and join in on the ornament exchange party and blog hop...quick...the sign up will end soon...

  18. This looks like a great issue I just may splurge thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you for making me smile today, Elizabeth! :-D


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