Shingle Style Inspiration

In trying to find inspiration to work on some unfinished trim projects here at home, I came across these photos I had in my inspiration file.

I am a fan of Shingle Style homes and this Canadian lakeside vacation home above, from BHG, is a favourite of mine.

Our home's exterior has a hint of Shingle Style (crisp and simple, restrained ornamentation, multi-gabled roof, white wave board and arched window.) The trim and attention to detail in this home is awesome. Our builder basic home is much simpler than this home (and totally lacking shingles) but it shows that by adding architectural interest to ours, on a much smaller scale, we can get some of the same feeling. 

Our home has carpeted stairs with oak rails that I would love to rip up, repair, paint and stain. Yeah, huge project but it would look so good. Not as great or as large as this entry with the gorgeous hardwood, but certainly fresher.

Layers of trim and tongue-and-groove ceiling boards in fresh white make me swoon. On a smaller scale I can add recessed panel trim to the two posts in our dining room where the drywall is chipping away from our kids playing hockey in the house.

The mix of materials in this room is really appealing. Love the planks, barnwood, granite stone, shingles and the light bouncing off the white ceiling. The cathedral ceiling in our family room/kitchen (think horrible popcorn ceiling with lovely skylights) would really look great with a beadboard or tongue-and-groove plank treatment. Actually, just about anything would look better than the popcorn ceiling ;)

Another shot of the same room. Great windows and lovely transoms. We have the wall of windows/patio door but not the transoms. I have been working on our board and batten wall, but have stopped at the fireplace because I'm still not sure what to do there.

This stone really appeals to me but is probably way out of my price range and skill level. I do have black curtain rods and simple white curtains though : ) More great ceiling treatments including this coffered one.

A farmhouse sink {SIGH}. We had one growing up and I was so excited when my parents put in new cabinets and a 'modern' stainless sink. How I would love to have that old beauty now! Also on our list of wishes (not needs) is a subway tile backsplash. This home has a great mix of subway tile and herringbone tile.

Another great detail in the home is oil-rubbed bronze door hardware. I may just have to look into changing out some of our builder shiny-brass doorknobs to match our front door hardware. Have any of you had luck with spray painting interior door knobs? I'm also wondering if you ever get inspiration to continue a project (or the opposite~totally distracted) by great home tours or photos from your inspiration file?



  1. Those pics give alot of inspiration of what can be done to a house. I don't have an abundance of architectural details in my home, but have added some since we've lived here. We changed our interior door hardware to the oil rubbed bronze handles. It wasn't too expensive and really updated the house as a whole! I've never tried painting them though. You can always add chair rails, bead board paneling,and crown molding fairly easily. I need a house fairy to grant me all my wishes though. Looks like you're on the right track with what you've added so far.

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful home and great inspiration. Don't give up on your dreams. Small details can mean alot like your board and batten wall. Love it.

  3. Fantastic inspiration photos - I think they would inspire not distract me (but then again who knows, that could be wishful thinking). I've read about lots of people spray painting their doorknobs ORB and it seems to be fine. Mind you who knows how well it holds up.

  4. Gorgeous inspiration Elizabeth! I love the shingle style homes as well.

  5. I too love all that detail and trim work! I've always wanted a "grand entry" in theory... to decorate for the holidays or a party... but I suppose in reality it's a bit of wasted space.

    And I agree, it's so funny how something you couldn't wait to see go (like a farmhouse sink) becomes one of those things you'd love to have now!

    I haven't spray painted actual knobs but we have spray painted kitchen cupboard hinges and they held up beautifully... not quite the same thing but a lot of wear and tear still!


  6. Elizabeth ... I love shingle style too. Traditional, but relaxed. Your pictures are very inspiring.

  7. Love the inspiration photos, and I took your home tour as well! I saw your white china pitchers - a lovely collection. I'd LOVE to have a hydrangea like yours - but it's WAAY too arid here. They look so great in your garden and in your home, too!

  8. Beautiful images! I love the shingles on a house, I was just out in BC and realized that many of the old beach houses there have shingles on them. Also, in the state of Washington I walked around a new subdivision and saw shingles on many of those houses. It's kind of a coastal thing, isn't it?
    Your house is really beautiful, I love brick with a bit of the shingles.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. You've collected so many beautiful photos. I love the foyer you have with the stairs and great chandelier.


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