Authentic Style~WhisperWood Cottage ~Sarah of A Beach Cottage

I'm joining Amy at WhisperWood Cottage again for her Authentic Style series~this month featuring Sarah from A Beach Cottage.

I shared my Authentic Style in this post. Amy asked if we "share similarities with Sarah's style?" A Beach Cottage is one of the first blogs I started following and I have been influenced by Sarah's beach cottage style to add some lakeside elements to our home. We are not anywhere near an ocean, but have numerous beautiful inland lakes and beaches here in Ontario so I decided to use accents with more of a rustic lakeside cottage feel.  

I love blue as an accent colour and collect aqua mason jars. The wavy glass and colour reminds me of water. Using white in linens and draperies adds a bit of the beach cottage style to our home, that Sarah is so well known for.

More shades of blue and white in classic miniature Muskoka chairs add a bit of lakeside colour and motif to a mostly white vignette in our kitchen.

I recently added white walls to our living room and while Sarah has white slips, I am staying true to my authentic style in this room with a dark brown leather sofa but using white slipcovers on chairs.

In our family room I went with the white slipcovers. I love the airy feel they add to our room (and the fact they cover outdated patterns), but I don't know how much longer I can live with them. Think teen boys and a chocolate lab! Not a good combination with white slipcovers, no matter how frequently they are washed. The canoe paddle is another hint to our love of the Canadian outdoors and beautiful lakes.

Our ensuite bathroom has a beachy feel with light aqua walls, lots of white, beach stones and shells, and a pair of vintage seaside children figurines (a gift from my sil.) So although our home has a rustic farmhouse feel we certainly have a few lakeside beach accents, many inspired by A Beach Cottage.

I am really enjoying the Authentic Style series at Whisper Wood Cottage featuring Sarah from A Beach Cottage and hope you get a chance to stop by to see all the other links. Thanks, Amy for hosting the link party and helping me to discover my own Authentic Style.


  1. Those hydrangeas are just the EPITOME of late summer, aren't they? I love them, I have them on my kitchen table right now. I'm going to have to buy more of those plants come next spring. The color is beautiful and, in my opinion, unmatchable. Just a fresh, spring green in huge big pom poms. andrea @ townandprairie

  2. I'm enjoying Amy's series too and just linked up to it. I also love Sarah's style. I wish I could have those white slipcovered sofas you all have but I would have to wash them every couple of hours since my two big dogs like to get on the sofa. Love your touches of blue/aqua. They are the perfect shades!

  3. Amazing post, Elizabeth!! You rock, girl!! Thanks for linking up to this month's party. The first photo above just makes me smile. I had to go back several times to look at it...it has a great mix of everything fabulous! :) I think it captures your authentic style in so many ways. I'm lovin' on that oar, too, and may need to make my own version. As always, I appreciate your inspiration!

  4. You have such a lovely home. Love the colours and those miniature chairs on your vignette are so cute :) Your pics are gorgeous too!

  5. I like your beach style you have worked into your home. It looks great!

  6. Elizabeth, You did capture the beach! The colors are so soothing. I really love how you just tucked a hint of beach here and there. I have been lusting after aqua mason jars lately. Did you see my post a few weeks ago with the stash I found in SoWest Colorado? I haven't collected any yet, but your post has rekindled my interest. Dianne

  7. You definitely have nice beach style...those colors are good together..black, beige, white and blue glass...so soothing to look at...thanks for sharing your talent with us other bloggers...Mel

  8. Hi Elizabeth. You home is so pretty and you have such a wonderful decorating style.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment about my map art. I'm your newest follower now that I've found you.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  9. Love the hydrangeas! I am your newest follower.
    Your beach style is very soothing. I think we should all have many houses so we can decorate each one in a different style.

  10. I love that livingroom of yours...I hope you can hang in there. My teens have accepted the white couches and I find it such a warm and comforting look.


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