Simple White Dishes

White dishes are my choice when it comes to dinnerware.

I am always inspired when I see pretty colours and patterns in tablescapes but over the past few years I switched to white. I love how it looks when I open our dish cupboard. Our boys are young teens now and don't need plastic, but I do keep some plastic cups in a basket in another cabinet for visiting great-nieces and great-nephews.

Our everday dishes were replaced two years ago when I bought three 16-piece sets of simple white Corelle. They aren't expensive high-end names like Pottery Barn or Williams-Sonoma, but Corelle fits our budget and will still be easily replaced if a few break in years to come. They are also sturdy enough for teens and a dishwasher. Or teens emptying the dishwasher ;)

On our last trip to St. Jacobs I visited the Corelle factory store and they had a deal on individual pieces if you bought more than 10. We go through large plates and cereal bowls really quickly so I stocked up on extras (for us and my sister.)

We also have 24 white caterer's plates that I use for large buffets and casual family get togethers because they are sturdy and are cheaper than continually buying paper plates.

Two years ago I also picked up four boxed sets, for a total of 16 place settings (PC from RealCanadian Superstore $10 x 4 boxes) for sit down dinners when I don't want to use the 'good' china. Actually, when I bought this set, I didn't have 'good' china. These have a bit more modern look.

White is not the right choice for everyone, but I love it and we certainly have lots! I also have some collected pieces that are not white and I'm always keeping an eye out for lovely pieces. The best part for me is that it was all bought very inexpensively. Are you a pattern and color or an all white dinnerware type?

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  1. I do love white also...and especially how you display them with heaps of dishes.

  2. PC has so many great white dishes that I have my eye on! For now, I have the good ol' corelle whites too. Oh and dollarama glass plates for my "fancy" plates.

  3. I love white dishes because they can be mixed with other china. I don't have white dishes but if I did I'd choose that creamy white that some stores have. (Stokes) I have had Butterfly Gold Corelle for 34 years and still like it. Have you seen some of the new Corelle patterns? They are really pretty and tempting. Your cupboards look nice and orderly with the white dishes and clear glassware. Pamela

  4. Beautiful Elizabeth! I love white dishes!

  5. I love the whites, classic, elegant and suitable for any meal. You can dress them up or down...whites, love 'em. I've recently been on a white kick and have been changing things up over here. I think it will be easier to use popps of colour here and there and keep the basics white. Having fun looking for thrifty finds.

  6. Same here. Love simple, white china becasue it goes with everything...Your cupboard is very nice, neat and organized...I love it :-) Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. Your cupboard look so beautifully organized, mine needs to look more like that.
    I have some all white dishes and then I have my black and white transfer ware. My china is very colorful and I wish like everything that I had picked out the white with the gold outline instead. It is just too busy for my liking.
    Oh well!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Thanks for visiting me! I think you have a beautiful home. I love your white dishes. I have a set of white Corelle dishes but mine are not displayed as lovely as yours. I'm a follower now.

    PS - I love your board and battan wall!!!!

  9. I used white Corelle for years and just replaced them some some white with more "edge" appeal, now I need to sell or donate the Corelle. I love how you displayed all your white. I went back and looked at some older posts and really like your style, so I am your newest follower. Looking forward to getting to know you. Dianne

  10. I have never owned a set of white dishes, but I think I will have to re-think that seeing how well they will mix with anything.

  11. Hi Elizabeth! Your cupboards look great! I like white china for the basics too.

  12. My white dishes are almost 17 years old, and I get tempted to replace them...but what else would I find that goes with EVERYTHING? I think I will have white dishes for another 17 years!

  13. White dishes are the way to go--they're so versatile. I switched to white years ago and have been through several sets--ordered online, bought on super sale at Macy's, Pier One, estate sales. I have bowls from one set, plates from another, two different kinds of mugs and a ton of platters. Guess what? they all match.

  14. I like white dishes now also and I have some of the white Corelle. I'm with you ~ it looks nice and is so durable and lightweight, great for the kids!

  15. beautiful white dishes! i have a pattern which I love...but sometimes I think it would also be fun to have something more simple because then you can really accessorize anyway you want!!!

    following back! thanks for stopping by! :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies


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