Summer Show

Summer is the start of shows and fairs and as a 4-H family we really look forward to going to some great Invitational shows and fairs.

We live in town but our boys love 4-H. Our oldest shows beef, dairy, rabbit and tractor. This is our younger sons first year in rabbit. 
Lots of prep (by the 4-H youth) goes into training and getting the calves looking their best at the show. The judge makes his decisions after several heats and many trips around the ring.

And then calls them in, in order of placing. Lots of different breeds in each age group. I love their different colours and markings.

In Conformation the groupings are by calf age, and in Showmanship by the showperson's age.

Pure Charolais loveliness (the Charolais breed originated in Charolles/Charolais, France.) Aren't they gorgeous girls? We are so thankful to the cattle owners that allow our son to learn and show with their animals.

Camping is part of it sometimes too. But the scenery is worth it! We are really enjoying summer here (even with the heat). Hard to believe in only one month we are back to school!


  1. One month and back at school! Lucky! We start 8/15! I love your 4H pics and would love for you to share more on this topic as it interests me. I know we have 4H in our area, but I haven't gotten involved in it, but always wanted more info on it. It sounds like something positive for kids! Andrea @ townandprairie

  2. We have 4-H out here too and my husband participated when he was a boy. Your pictures are great. It's such a good experience and education for children. Thanks for sharing. Pamela

  3. What a fabulous thing for kids to be involved in. No 4H here in Germany, per say, but something similar for young folks to take part in. My daughter recently was at a similar show,but just for foals. We don't own horses, but she enjoys getting involved in everything at the riding stables, and she really liked the foal show. We do live in the country though and our neighbor raises and breeds Charolais cattle, and they really are the most exquisite and stunning breed!! I was reading through your previous posts and just love the aqua mason jars. My father was an avid bottle collector, and so I have a particular love of old glass! It has such a special look to it, nothing quite like it today. What a lovely collection you have. what a delightful blog you have. We should all be glad that you don't watch much tv, leaving more time for delightful posts here on your blog! Have a great Sunday, and greetings from Germany, ~Debby

  4. I think any kid who does not have time with some form of livestock in their life really misses out. It's a huge learning experience. You can;t get from the mall what you can get from a chicken pig or cow.

  5. I loved seeing these photos. My family goes way back showing dairy cattle. I actually have several awards that my grandfather won while showing his prize Jersey's. I even have a few vague memories of sleeping in barns when I was a little girl.

    Thanks for the sweet memory reminder.


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