Silver and White, and Weird Weather

I woke up early Saturday to head out to some yard sales. We had a houseful of family visiting for my niece's bridal shower, but I knew they've been here enough to be self sufficient.

I was on a mission to find a George Foreman grill, as requested by my nephew who is heading off to college soon. The GF grill was found at the 5th garage sale I stopped at for $5. I also found this pretty white serving bowl, made in Portugal, for $2 (still in the wedding gift box it came in.) It's not vintage but it is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

This serving set has a stainless steel blade but the silver is a bit tarnished. Picked up for $3 for the set. A fun hour for $10 and I still got back to the house in time to tidy up and get dressed for the shower.

What crazy weather lately, too! My thoughts and prayers go out to the community of Goderich, near London, Ontario, that suffered so much damage with the tornado this week. Today we felt the Virginia earthquake tremor here in southern Ontario. And finally, to all of you in the potential path of Hurricane Irene, my hope is that you all stay safe.

I'm sharing my thrifty finds with...

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  1. I love the bowl, Elizabeth! You found some wonderful things! I have not been garage saling in a long time. I should do something about that.

  2. You found some lovely things, I adore that bowl! I love silver, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Love that pretty white bowl...thanks for sharing it and your other treasures at NTT! This weather has been crazy this year.


  4. I love those bowls from Portugal. I found a couple at Winners this spring. You did well for $10. Apparently the earthquake was felt in Fredericton today, near where we live but I didn't feel it at all. I think we might get the tail end of that hurricane on Sunday but it'll be just wind and rain, much like yesterday morning. Boy, did it rain hard! Then the sun came out. Pamela

  5. I too like that bowl. You can't go wrong with a petty white bowl. I heard about the tornado there and didn't realize Canada ever got tornadoes. The earthquake was just freaky that the entire east coast up part of Canada felt it. I do wish that hurricane would weaken and then come this way so we could get the rain.

  6. the weather's gettin' creepy weird, isn't it?? it never stops this time of year. love the little cake server! andrea @ townandprairie

  7. The bowl is my favorite you did great!


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