Our Entry - Mirror Change

In my post from yesterday on our front entry, I mentioned switching mirrors. This is the other mirror.

I love woods and have quite a few pieces in our home, but when I saw the photos I thought the pine paned mirror might be too dated. I'd love your opinion! Below and here is our entry from yesterday with the pine mirror:

And this is with the other mirror. Another option would be to hang two identical mirrors, one above the other, because this one is a bit smaller.

I have two of these mirrors and three matching frames that I could paint white if the colour is not working. The other same sized mirror is propped on the floor in the photo above and the 3 empty frames are about 10 x 13's.

The detail on the frames is lovely. So which do you think looks better? Should I paint these frames white or another colour like my favourite blues? I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. I like the silver one but I think it would look great white maybe with a little silver showing through. I think either would work though. Love the etched glass on the front door.

  2. I like the shape of the first one next to the square opening to the other room. I'm thinkin' a coat of white on that? With maybe a little ledge shelf under it? It reminds me of a window, so a fake sill would be cute with a small vase or something on it. :o)

  3. I like the wooden mirror. It looks good natural but it would pop and freshen up with a coat of fresh paint. I like the other mirror to but I think that it may be to heavy behind the door. I thought if their was room you may be able to hang this mirror on the other side of the wall by the door. This way it would be more functional and wouldn't get lost behind the door. I'm sure you'll do something great! Have fun!

  4. Just beautiful! I love the way the glass reflects in the mirror!

  5. I like the one you have put up there in place of the wood one, but it might look better painted white and distressed to let a bit of silver peek out.
    The two matching ones might be a bit too much, not sure until I see it though.
    Sorry I can't help more.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I love the burnished silver mirror. I have one a little bit like that in our dining room and I LOVE it! - so I'd definitely plump for that in a very biased way!!


  7. I think i am the only one liking what you had...but even I get tired of looking at the same thing all the time...but being a girl of the 80s...the new mirror reminded me of something from Home Interiors...(man did I just date myself!)

  8. I agree with a few of the other comments the Silver Mirror would look amazing painted and distressed.



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