A Trip To Quilter's Nine Patch in Elmira

We took a trip to St. Jacob's and Elmira today. We stopped at one of my favourite shops, Quilter's Nine Patch in Elmira, Ontario.

It is attached to At The Crossroads buffet restaurant/gift shop and both the exterior and interior are very inviting. The photo above is from their shop in the fall. At this time of year the gardens and entry are overflowing with colourful summer blooms. I should have brought my camera!

 They have so many beautiful collections, but I was drawn to the civil war section to add to a collection I started.

I bought some civil war darks to go with the roll of lights I bought last summer. My plan is to make a log cabin quilt using the civil war lights/darks. Today I bought 4 fat quarters ($18) and I still need to pick up a few more darks when we make a trip back. I try to break up my purchases because I find fabric to be so expensive.

As soon as I finish organizing my hobby room and finish a UFO, I'm going to enjoy breaking into this collection of fabric.

They guys spent several hours in the livestock exchange and I browsed the market stalls and picked up fresh Ontario strawberries to make more jam. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Perfect for enjoying Mennonite country. 


  1. I love Elmira. It's a different life there.

    Hope your jam turns out ok.

  2. Great store. I think you live out in the west end ... there is a great quilt store in Bronte right by the lake. I've been buying my civil war fabrics there. (I'm making the Barbara Brackman quilt celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War ... she does one block a week http://civilwarquilts.blogspot.com/)

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  4. It sounds like a wonderful day!


  5. Definitely looks like somewhere I'd like to visit!

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    I just noticed your living room pic as an inspiration image on another blog, I think it's in this blogger's pinterest file.
    Not sure if you follow this blog ...



  7. Hi, Sounds like you had fun shopping, that looks like a great place.
    How fun to start on a new project soon!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Sounds like a great quilting store. I patched together a comforter for my son's room, but have never made an actual quilt before. Sounds like fun.

    BTW, my hometown had a large Mennonite community, plus a smaller Amish group. I remember bringing home college roommates and they would be all excited about the horse and buggys and I just thought that everyone had them where they grew up!


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