Signs of Quilting

 I love quilts and have added some quilt signs to my studio/sewing room.

I shared the most recent update with lots of photos for Where Bloggers Create at My Desert Cottage, but thought I would add a few more updates as they happen. I made this little sign for a basket on the top of the metal shelving unit, using a stencil. This is a handy spot for my ufo's (unfinished objects), out of the way but not out of sight. Why oh why do builders still use popcorn ceilings?!!!

I made this sign by using acrylic craft paints to paint over a sign I didn't like.

Then I printed off my lettering of choice on the printer and added the lettering to the sign using the pencil on reverse method.
The letters are traced leaving faint pencil lines. I used a small brush and black acrylic craft paint to fill in the lines.

A bit of antique glaze wiped on and off and a light sanding to give the sign a bit of age. It hangs above the door in my studio and adds a bit of interest.


  1. Your sign turned out great. I love how you aged it with the glaze :)

  2. I love the sign! It really looks wonderful where you have put it, too. I love hand painted signs and I really like to see them over a door.


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