Furniture I Would Not Paint

I love seeing a piece of wood furniture made over just as much as most of you. Paint can really update or change the style of a piece.

Paint can also add some much needed colour, or take away a bright colour by using a soft or subdued tint. It can also hide a tone of wood that is very dated or that you just don't like (our office supply armoire, below.) Years of use can be disguised with some tlc and paint (our farmhouse table and chairs, below.)

But then there are those pieces that have special meaning, history or that you just like the way they are. Different types of wood and wood tones appeal to different people. While I love painting furniture, sometimes NOT painting something is the way to go. Our oak buffet and hutch in the kitchen is one of those special pieces. It is very solidly built and a design that we really like.

Our Mennonite built farmhouse table and Windsor chairs we bought with wedding money will not be painted either.

I was inspired to share these pieces that I don't plan to paint by Kathy at Creative Home Expressions. Do you have furniture that you would not paint?


  1. I agree some pieces should NOT be painted because they are really special or the wood is really beautiful. You know how most men don't ever want to paint wood though? I always think of something Christopher Lowell said years ago "just because it's wood, doesn't mean it's good" LOL, so true!

  2. Oh, I agree with you. I wouldn't paint my antique drop leaf table, the tall, glass doored cabinet or the dining set and buffet. I was wanting to paint the dining set but now that the kitchen has new white cupboards it doesn't look so bad :-) I am going to paint an antique square parlour table though. It's going to be a bedside table to go with the other white one we have. It's in bad shape and has a dark stain. Ugly! Have a great week!

  3. Great hutches, Elizabeth! Your kitchen one reminds me of the one in my dining room. I think as long as you love them "as is" there's no reason to paint them. Thanks so much for the link back! : )

  4. I totally agree! Though I love to paint something that generally isn't in good enough shape to stain, I have several antique pieces that absolutely, positively will not be painted. Ever. My sweet husband bought me an antique china hutch out of a house that was for sale and it doesn't match any other wood in our house, but there is no way I will paint it, as it is in perfect shape. Kudos to you for knowing when to preserve a good original piece!


  5. I have a few things that I haven't painted, but would love to. But yes, I have a Canadiana dresser that I will not paint, it is a classic and I couldn't do that to it. It is old and the wood looks very nice.

  6. I have my mother's old china cabinet, it's dark-oaky looking wood but it is real wood. I would never paint it...it would change my memories of her and growing up if I did.
    Love your table.

  7. I agree. Antiques can be ruined by painting and as well like you said those with special meaning maybe wouldn't be better off painted either.


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