I'm sharing my collections today and joining Suzanne at Privet and Holly, where bloggers are sharing their collections this week.

Suzanne said "I'd love to peek in your window and see what you collect.....or to hear what things you hold dear to your heart."  These are my favourite collections ~lots of pictures and few words today.

Vintage Mason Jars ~especially aqua ones!

  White pitchers, White dinnerware, dishes and platters, Vintage table linens with lace and crochet details in whites. 

Galvanized pails and watering cans

Washboards ~ only 4 but I love them.

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get a chance to see the other links at Privet and Holly. You definitely want to read Suzanne's lovely insight into collections. What do you collect?


  1. Pretty collections! I love white plates but don't have such a great collection. I do have a decent collection of watering cans though!

  2. You have great style. alot of the same things I collect.Where do you find the lids for your jars with no tops are they old or new ones? ~Cheers Kim

  3. gorgeous collections! I am such a sucker for mason jars and metal! well displayed!

  4. i love collecting mason jars too, especially aqua! i also collect the Canadian Crown ones you have, but have yet to find an aqua one, i only have clear ones. loving all your other collections too! Visiting from Privet and Holly :)

  5. Pretty collections! Love the mason jars. Saw some at a flea market recently-wish I had bought a few, now I can't seem to find the aqua anywhere!

  6. Great collections of the same things I like. Love your jars. I only have three. Thanks for joining WUW.

  7. Elizabeth, I love all your collectons and you have some beautiful white dishes. I still can't find the zinc rings for jars here or aqua jars. Beautiful collections!

  8. Beautiful white ironstone, I love all the pitchers and the jars are wonderful. Great collections. Hugs, marty

  9. Love your white dishware and mason jar collection! We are kindred spirits, I collect the same! Good taste. :)

    Di @ http://subjectschosenatrandom.blogspot.com/

  10. The washboards are fun and remind me of my mom who always looked for them in antiques stores.

  11. I love all of your collections Elizabeth! The aqua mason jars are so lovely...I have never been lucky enough to find one! Hope your week is going great! Angie xo

  12. Hi Elizabeth,
    Your collections are all my favorite things, I collect some of the same things! I also collect Milk Glass.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. I love the watering cans and buckets. I have two of each and use them all the time. The vintage aqua mason jars always catch my eye. I do have a question. It appears that the ones you used as vases have the lids on. I have not seen lids like the one you have the spoons in. Are the ones on your table with flowers like the one with the spoons? I am so interested in this.

  14. Of course, you saw
    that I also adore
    the aqua canning jars!
    Love all of these
    things that speak to
    you and I would snap
    any of them up in
    a minute as they are
    just my style, too : )
    Thanks for joining my
    collector's party and
    letting us take a wee
    peek into your window
    at all your special
    collections, Elizabeth!
    xx Suzanne

  15. To answer a few questions, the lids are original to the jars. They are two pieces, the zinc ring lid with a matching glass top with crown (that I have to remove to display the flowers.) I will share photos of the three pieces as soon as I get a chance.


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