Vintage Milk Bottles

This trio of vintage milk bottles I won from Gina at 3 Ring Cottage (edited to add: now Cottag3) is perfect for simple garden cuttings.

While I am waiting rather impatiently for my hydrangeas to bloom, I decided to cut a few flowers to bring indoors.

I cut single stems of geraniums and a hot pink perennial flower (not sure of the name.) Below is the flower from my garden in 2009, does anyone know what it is called? Rose Campion, thanks Mindy at Rindy Mae.

Old and new mixed together- vintage milk bottles, an old crocheted doily and modern white dishes from The RealCanadian Superstore (I bought place settings for 16 a few years ago for buffets.) I shared our kitchen updated photos on the post below this one.

The buffet and hutch provides lots of storage for white and cream dish collections and seldom used appliances. I really need to search for inspiration and practice styling the buffet top.

I love that the white linen curtains on the patio doors seem to soften the morning light coming in. We get a lot of light from a skylight in the cathedral ceiling directly above the table, and another skylight and wall of windows to the right in the end of the family room.

We desperately need to spend some time this week weeding our backyard garden and adding mulch. All the rain we have had and being off for surgery combined to make the weed situation pretty bad. We also need to find a spot for that canoe on our patio.

A few simple blooms in some lovely vintage milk bottles, or other collected bottles or jars, can really help to brighten a day and add some personality to a kitchen.

I'm joining:
Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm, the flowers are freebies from our garden and the bottles were won, or could be collected.


  1. I love old milk bottles. Three is the perfect number! I only have one so sometimes I use Snapple or nicely shaped glass salad dressing bottles. If you fill with flowers you can't see the screw top.
    Your kitchen is just so cute!

  2. I love vintage milk bottles! They are so pretty with just a simple flower. Your look pretty on your table.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Your little tabletop vignette is very sweet. I love the way you've brought together the vintage bottles with the white dishes and the doily.
    Your little flowers look like "pinks".

  4. I love this and I also have several milk and cream bottles. Such an easy way to decorate. have a great day! Pamela

  5. I like your bread box. FAB!

  6. Cute table vignette. I love that breadbox also! I'm going to take a look at your board and batten tut too - I'm determined to do that in my dining room this summer whether it kills me or not!

  7. The plant is called rose campion. :o)

  8. This is a sweet vignette. I love those sweet milk bottles paired with your white dishware. The precious doily brings an even greater vintage look to the grouping. Very nice!

    I love your banner. Beautiful photos!


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