Milk Bottles and Paper Clips

A while back I won Gina at 3 Ring Cottage's giveaway and was so happy to recieve this package from Texas. I love how she styled this photo!

{photo via 3 Ring Cottage}

We love cows and anything dairy or farm related at our home, so these three vintage milk bottles are a perfect addition to our home. Thanks, Gina, for wrapping them so well that they made the trek from Texas to Ontario, Canada without an accident. I'm not sure if our boys were more excited about the milk bottles or our first package from Texas. The paper clips are huge and perfectly rusty and the bottles look great empty and will be fun to pop blooms into. As if blogging and meeting new people wasn't enough fun!


  1. Elizabeth- What a treat in the mail! My father worked for Normanskill Dairy when I was a kid. The story goes we had so much ice cream I didn't like it. Can you believe it?

    I am writing from their home and will go downstairs right now and see if I can find the old Normanskill milk bottle in the basement...


  2. If I had known it was your first package from Texas and your kids would be so excited, I probably would have included a genuine Texas horseshoe or something "Texan". Oh that would have been fun. It is a huge relief they arrived in tact after a long journey. I was a bit nervous about that.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with your Texas goodies!


  4. Good for you! What a great win, I love milk bottles. I had several back when cows and pigs and such were the country look. I got rid of all of that stuff that I should have kept, except for the cows and other animals.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Congratulations! I love old milk bottles, those will look so pretty with flowers :)

  6. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing!!! Winning a giveaway is SUCH a lovely feeling, isn't it!? I feel as high as a kite if my name is announced!! Well done on your win - and what a very gorgeous win too!



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