Canadians Looking for Chalk Paint?

Are you looking for a Canadian stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

After emailing a few American stockists of Annie Sloan Chalk paint I was kindly directed to a new stockist here in Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth Sarich-Harvey of The Melon Patch Home and Garden near Kingston, Ontario has a shipment arriving on Monday. She will have all 24 colours of chalk paints, waxes and a few books.

I'm looking forward to trying this product one day! You can reach Elizabeth at:

Phone: 613-541-0231


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    This is great news!! Thank you for this Post, now we too, can dive into the new world of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!... I have just the project in mind...
    Thanks Again Elizabeth!
    Have a great weekend!
    All the Best,

  2. You rock!! This is great news because I have been so wanting to buy some. I have so many project lined up and really wanted to try this caulk paint. Thanks so much Elizabeth for the info. Diane

  3. Guess who I spent the day with today? Yup, Annie Sloan!! I love her paint too and she lives very near me. Now I just have to weave today's loveliness into some blog posts!!



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