Adding Curb Appeal ~Phase 1

It is time to update our home's curb appeal! Curb appeal plays a large role in determining a property's value and it is the first thing visitors notice. 

Our home is modest for our neighbourhood, but it is a big investment for us. Some ongoing maintenance and curb appeal projects have been planned to keep our home looking fresh. Our plans include small changes, larger projects, general maintenance and long term projects. Some are easy fix projects with supplies already on hand and more muscle than cash needed. Others are longer term because of the cost involved. 
After work yesterday I managed to get a few items on my list checked off. I decided to remove the low growing pine bush. I felt it was getting too big for the area and the inner part of the bush had some dead needles. Man, were the roots thick! I cut a new garden edge, weeded and added mulch. And yes, I am a lot little sore today. I don't know how people keep up with huge gardens. I also trimmed the euonymus bush at the driveway edge of the garden. It is very healthy but was getting a bit too big for the space.

We also bought a pair of solar lanterns to add much needed safety lighting and ambience to the walkway at night. I chose Westinghouse Solar 12X High-Output LED Flair Lights from Canadian Tire and love how they look.  I may pick up another pair and put one in the garden (power of three's) and one at the back gate.

And now, the changes I made yesterday (both the tree and weigela are finished blooming this week):
Autumn Joy Sedum and a small Weigela bush.

Newly trimmed variegated euonymus bush.

I'm getting impatient for the walkway to match our patio. I know it will have the most impact but it won't be happening for awhile. I think the next step will be to get rid of the pesky weeds in the paver cracks. And painting the house numbers black or finding new ones. I might try the zinc pots in the backyard in the front:

I would love to hear what you think?


repaint porch railing and post
touch up paint on front door
touch up paint on overhead garage door

updated plant pots, black urns?
new door mat
refresh or buy new house numbers

remove pine bush
trim euonymus bush
weed garden beds
mulch front garden bed
add new spike to support and straighten tree
overseed lawn
fertilize lawn

re-caulk all windows
add new weatherstripping to front door
new front door lock set-last year
new exterior lights-last year
new man door on garage
new lockset for man door to match front door hardware
new overhead garage door-next year

Front walkway/steps
buy solar walk lights
mulch front garden bed
add new walkway and steps to match back patio -fall or next year
move beach stones to backyard


new gate hardware

It would be easy to hire someone to do all this, but that just isn't in our budget. So we will work on this a bit at a time. Do you think the garden needs more plantings?

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  1. Curb appeal is everything!!!
    I like a cottage...slightly messy...kind of garden style......
    So I say...sure...add a few more plantings:)

  2. I like that you took out the pine shrub. I think I'd add some annuals for colour and height. A bright yellow daisy will fill out and grow about 18 inches tall and they like sun and should look great all summer if you dead head. You have quite a long list of jobs, as most homeowners do. It takes a while to get them all caught up then they start all over again! Have a great week. Pamela

  3. So much work so little time...I think your curb appeal is wonderful! The changes you've made look very pretty. Even though we're renting I started working in the front yard right away. One, because I love to garden and two, because I wanted the neihghbors to know we would be good neighbors. Renters have a bad reputation and by making the yard look nice it sets the tone.

  4. I just posted our mile long to-do list the other day as well. I mentioned how I fantasize about handing someone money to work their way down the list. Alas, it's a fantasy. It's hard to be patient with things you would love to have done, but don't yet have the funds for.

    The cleaned up walkway bed looks nice. My vote is more plants, but I'm a bit of an obsessive gardener.

  5. It's looking great! DIY landscaping is an ongoing process. We've lived in our house for 20 years, and I'm still changing and freshening up things.
    I think you need a few more plants, maybe a rock or two, and a couple more pots. Don't forget to add some flags this weekend.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    Your changes already have made a difference!
    I like the wave petunias, they creep and are pretty low maintenance. What I do is buy the hanging baskets of wave petunias, which are on 1/2 off now in most garden greenhouses. They have more plants in them, and more mature. I remove them from their containers and plant them in the ground. The baskets are usually farther along then the individual cell plants. More bang for your buck!! More impact and colour!!

    All the Best,

  7. Looks great. Very neat and tidy, which isn't common in houses around here, so it will definitely make your place stand out!

  8. You don't need to hire anyone!
    You are doing a phenomenal job all by your lonesome!!
    It is beautiful, Elizabeth. I'll pay for your travel to South Carolina, next year. You can do our yard!
    Keep on moving, LOL!

  9. Love what you have done so far! So neat and tidy :) What kind of tree was that, it's so pretty! Out here in the country, we have kind of the wild thing going, lol. even the pretty weeds with flowers have a hard time being pulled from my gardens, lol. You have gotten alot done off your list... you don't want to see my list which will take another 10 yrs to get to.
    Happy Canada Day coming up to you!!
    Hugs Trish


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