Some Summer Annuals for our Backyard

Today was our first full day of sunshine and warm weather in a very long time.
Our grass is still very wet from days and days of heavy rains, but it was nice to sit outside under the gazebo and enjoy the beginnings of our summer garden.

In between raindrops on the Victoria Day long weekend my sister and I shopped for plants and weeded her gardens (she will help shop for plants, but she doesn't 'do' gardening, so I do it for her.)

I managed to get my planters filled up before more rain came but have not had a chance to weed, thin out and mulch the backyard flowerbeds. I plan to add some annuals to the garden, too.
I planted lots of geraniums and petunias because our backyard gets so much sun. We also spread grass seed to try and deal with the dog 'p' spots. The little rattan and iron sidetables were $5 each at a yard sale last weekend.

I have more pillows that still need to be brought outside for our Muskoka chairs. Our son is using the farmhouse table we were using as a patio table, for his rabbit cages in the garage. I got rid of the windsor chairs from last summer because even though I primed them, the white spray paint came off in big sheets. I'm keeping my eye out for another option for more seating.

I'm really enjoying the lovely flowers (geraniums, dracana spikes, petunias, lobelia) in this pair of larger planters and look forward to them filling out more.

This iron stand with the zinc pots was on the front porch last year, but I'm trying it with geraniums and petunias on the patio this year.

It looks like K needs to weed wack better and this picture is cropped so much (see below) because we need to find room in the garage for the canoe that is currently on the patio! I know we have had a ton of rain, but not enough to use the canoe in the backyard. Just keeping it real!

 I guess if I can't find affordable patio chairs, we can always sit in the canoe!

I'm joining Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm because I think the little tables were a really good deal. There are always lots of great links at Linda's party.

I'm also joining Wow us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style. Thanks Kim!

I'm also linking to SNS at Funky Junk Interiors' Patio Decor.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Everything looks so inviting... Today is a good day for just basking in the sun. I love the iron stand, with all of the white flowers, they provide a very nice contrast. I hope this sunshine hangs around.
    All the best, Christine

  2. beautiful!!!! Don't you just love being outside this time of year ~ when it's dry of course!
    Hope that you have a fantastic sunny week.

  3. Your back yard looks so inviting!! Love your garden!

  4. I really like your annuals. I miss those buckets of geraniums. Here in FL, the seasons are "mixed up".

  5. Sitting in the canoe might be a good idea for us with all of our rain!

    It all looks so fabulous and now with your warmer temps and all that humidity your gardens should look down right tropical before long!


  6. I LOVE this space! How pretty! How relaxing!
    Weed wack? What's that ;)? My yard needs it, too.
    We're lucky to keep the grass green and growing in spots, much less having some to trim--it's gotten really hot here is why.
    I just planted some lavender, lilies and lobelia here...summer is fantastic, isn't it, for the colors!
    HUGS and blessings to you!

  7. I love that you have a canoe in your back yard! All of your annuals look so pretty! I still have a few I need to plant, then I can sit back and watch them grow!

    Kat :)

  8. I love those little tables! They are so cute and what a steal. The chair look very comfy. I have the same problem with the dog pee!

  9. I have the leafy plant with the pretty little bell flowers, too, in my garden. I had never seen it before we bought our house and I had no idea what it was. A very sweet lady by the name of Lori emailed me yesterday to tell me that it is Solomon's Seal! I am so happy to know what it is called. I just had to tell you because it is not one that you see every day!
    I am now a follower! And your gardens look lovely, btw.
    I LOVE finding Canadian bloggers also! Thank you for introducing yourself.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. My favorite pic is the lush greenery, it feels cool just looking at it. I use to do lot of flowers, but not I'm doing more shade gardening.

  11. Oh wow... that iron stand with zinc pots is calling my name! What a fabulous piece. And nice patio area! Come on sunshine... cooperate in Canada already! :)



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