A Quick Spray Paint Project

I'm sharing a quick spray paint project from last summer in our family room.

 The before: Red barn stars from Canadian Tire

A few quick coats of Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze and they better suited our home.
Our puppy chewed the denim slipcover beyond repair so we got rid of that old chair, but the rest of this end of our family room still looks the same (minus the wreath.) I never quite finished the photo walls, so that will be an upcoming project.

I love how spray paint can add some instant colour or change to a small decor piece. I'm enjoying all the inspiration and lovely projects at Sarah's Spray Paint Home May'd link party and I will be linking up there too.

Edited to add: I'm also linking this to The DIY Club's 31 Days of Spray Paint Party  by linking through this post.


  1. Those are very pretty! I love all shades of blue and yes they definitely work better in blue!!

  2. Elizabeth,I love that shade of blue. It makes me think of the beach, and it goes perfectly with your family photos.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Next time I pick up something in someone's trash, I'll remember that it's good for the environment to reuse.
    Next time you stop by, please become a follower.

  3. I spray painted a few items late last summer and whoa Nelly did I love it! I can't wait for it to warm up and dry up! so I can do some more. : )

  4. Absolutely LOVE the bright blue paint color! What a neat & simple way to add some style to your walls! Thanks for popping by my blog-I'm one of your newest followers!!

  5. This is one of the many reasons why I love spray paints. They magically make things beautiful :)


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