Outdoor Sprucing

We are beginning some outdoor sprucing and it would be great if the weather would cooperate.

So far spring has been really cool and raining for over a week. Not a lot has been done outside yet but I did sew some new outdoor pillows for the front porch with fabric that coordinates with the ones I made for the backyard patio last year.

I'm keeping the Muskoka chairs and hope to add some other seating soon. I spray primed and spray painted the windsor chairs (in the photo below) last year, but the sun back here was too harsh and they began peeling. I need to find weather tolerant chairs for the farmhouse table.

We are really enjoying the new Unilock patio we added in late summer 2009.

I'm glad that my hydrangeas survived the winter and a chocolate Lab puppy, and are starting to show signs of looking like this in a month or so.

I can hardly wait for fresh cuttings and annuals filling our garden beds.

Sitting around the firepit and making s'mores is a favourite family activity and this little firepit will get a coat of fire safe paint if it ever stops raining. We are also spending a fair bit of time patching 'dog pee' spots in the grass.

Lots still to do, but this upcoming weekend is our long Victoria Day Weekend, also know as May 2-4 weekend. That means garden centres will be in full swing and if the rain quits we may actually get a bit of planting done.  Here's hoping!

I'm joining the HOME MAY'D Spring/Summer Link Party ~Outdoor Ideas party today at Centsational Girl.


  1. I love the paisley print pillow! Where did you buy the fabric?
    I love hydrangeas! I don't know why it took me so long, but I finally planted one last weekend. Do they grow fast? I can't wait until mine looks like yours. Great "vases"! Just my style.

  2. Hi, Sallie. I couldn't email you because your email comes as 'no reply blogger', so I will answer here. The paisley fabric is from a local Canadian chain, Fabricland but it was on sale. The hydrangeas in our zone don't grow very quick, but they do get a bit bigger each year in my experience. Ours is about 5 years old. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  3. Thanks for stopping by refreshrestyle! The color of your table looks a lot like mine! We got our metal chairs from Sam's.

  4. Every thing is just so pretty. I like that screened patio.

  5. It all looks so cozy and fun Elizabeth! What a beautiful backyard space! LOVE the pillows..the colours are fab! Angie xo


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