Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

We are hosting family for dinner today, and I made lemon meringue pies and confetti squares for dessert. Yum!
I've made meringue for years, but my new Kitchenaid mixer made it super easy this year.

A little Easter vignette with my bunnies and some candles in pretty Easter colours from a friend from work.

Some cute Easter dishes for my birthday from another work friend.

Wishing you the peace of Christ and a wonderful Easter weekend.


  1. Elizabeth- Happy Easter! Your pies look amazing!

    The last time i made a lemon meringue The pie plate was slightly tipped and the meringue slid half off! I am sticking to dinner rolls and brownies today. Others are cooking the rest!


  2. Happy Easter Elizabeth. Your pies look fantastic - I guess it helps that lemon meringue is one of my favourites. I just had a look at your previous post and can't believe how much the bunnies have grown - they seem so appropriate for Easter.

  3. He is Risen, indeed! Your pies look amazing, Elizabeth.
    Hope you had a really nice Easter!
    :) ~Michelle

  4. Happy Easter!! Yummy looking pies...and your home is beautiful!!


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