Happy Easter Bunnies

We came home from Good Friday Children's Celebration of the Lord's Passion today to find the bunnies enjoying a nice sunny day.

There are eight of them and they are getting quite big and keeping mom busy.

This week Calli (aka mom) took them one by one to the water bottles and j-feeder to show them how to eat on their own. Weaning time is very close.

They hardly blink when Remington barks, but scurry into the nest box at the sound of a passing motorcycle or unfamiliar dog barking.

As soon as the sound passes they pop out one by one.

Then all eight are back once again.

Climbing over mom is all part of a normal day.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Weekend.

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  1. Your bunnies are such sweethearts! Love them all! Happy Easter! Anne

  2. Will you keep them?!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Oh, how cute and fun!
    Have a wonderful Easter!


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