Going Greener ~ Bar Mops

In our home, we have long been guilty of using lots and lots of paper towels.

Even though our region has a compostable kitchen waste recycling program that includes paper towels, I decided to try and reduce our use of them. Better for the environment and money saving too. Did I mention that my husband goes way overboard with paper towels and uses almost half a roll to clean one patio door?!!

We have lots of rags made from old towels, but I wanted a supply for the kitchen that were a little nicer looking. I chose white so they could be easily bleached too. I bought several inexpensive bunches of small bar mops and thin dish towels to use for quick wipe ups and to swipe dirty fingerprints off our white kitchen cabinets.

I think it helps to have them handy in a cute container so we are more likely to reach for them. We hang the soiled ones to dry in the laundry room and then wash a bunch at a time. I also like that they are so sturdy compared to paper towels. We still use paper towels, but not nearly as many. Now I need to work on using more earth-friendlier cleaners.


  1. I love my bar mops. After they get really stained I just run buy some more. Great choice.

  2. Love the use of the honey tin for towels!!


  3. This is a great idea! And of course I love the container you are using for them. I'm guilty of this too and may have to give this idea a try.

    And I know what you mean about more earth friendly cleaners. Since we're not in the city, we have septic tank and I'm careful what I use for cleaning because it will eventully be going down the drain! Laundry soap too, although my front loading washer means way less laundry soap.


  4. YAY! This post makes me so happy. Greener cleaners are easy (and less expensive), white vinegar, baking soda, and lemons are all you need for the whole house!

  5. I love my paper towels, but I've been trying some shammies for glass cleaning and I have to admit I love them. I'm trying to get better with using rags too. Putting them in a nice container is a good idea!

  6. What a fantastic idea!!! We got through miles of paper towels around here.
    have a great weekend.

  7. Great solution! We do the same thing...just with flour sack towels. I like that making such a simple change can help the environment!!

  8. Love em in the honey tin. Love em!

    I have to admit, I'm terrible---I'm the same way with paper towel. I can't help myself!

    Way to go!!

  9. Good plan Elizabeth. We use those same towels to wipe things up, but we don't have a cute container to store them in.

  10. If your looking for green cleaner from what I have read on many blogs shaklee is the best, it's a high concentrate product that you mix a small amount with water to use. It's non toxic so you don't have to worry about kids or pets getting into them.

    A couple blogs I love that talk about the product:





    I checked out the website and it does cost a little up front, more then you would normally pay for single bottles of other stuff at the store, but your basically buying in bulk and you won't have to buy anything for awhile. This isn't something I have tried yet, but from the reviews on the blogs that I mentioned above it is definitely something I wish to try when I have enough money to spend up front, as it is I am stocked on supplies from drug store sales. Hope this helps you with your green cleaning.

  11. Nice going! I'm planning a similar blog post today and will link to you :).

  12. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing your idea of where you 'store' your bar mops. What a sweet solution. Not only are you saving the environment but also your pennies -- paper towels are so expensive lately!

    Your Friend,

  13. walmart has a great deal on what they call utility cloths-
    i use yellow for the kitchen-
    and green ones on the swiffer mop instead of the disposable swiffer ones-
    i bought 2 pks of yellow- total 18 - along with dish towels and other kitchen cloths make up its own load every two weeks-

    bought 18 of the green ones too-
    floor cloths get done whenever they are all dirty-
    along with other odd cleaning things -

    john in nc

  14. This is a fantastic idea! Way to go greener! You made it cute in the process. I hug trees in my spare time, so I appreciate this post :)
    Have a great weekend!

  15. We've been doing the same. Paper towel use has dropped since we switched to cloth napkins, (so much prettier) and using rags for all cleaning. Check out the Ecoholic at Home by Adria Vasil, she rates all different sorts of eco-friendly cleaners. Fortinos, and my local health food store carry a good selection of what she rates as does well.ca and their delivery is free. : )

  16. This idea is great and earth friendly! I have white dish cloths in my kitchen drawer, but not bar mops. I'm looking for them.

  17. Good for you! I try to use cloths too. More laundry, but oh well!

  18. Gorgeous! Love your style and featured some of your jars over at my place today! Feel free to come and look.

  19. I just saw this on your link within...I am so guilty of using too many paper towels. The green recycler side of me and the germo-phobe in me fight this issue a lot. Currently the germo wins due to doggy doo doo accidents. Gross! I'll just keep extra "other" junk out of our landfills to help our lovely earth.


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