My Quilts ~ Flannel Plaid and Ticking Quilt

The mini makeover in our basement guest bedroom is continuing. I made a whole cloth quilt with a large plaid flannel sheet and backed with a blue and white ticking stripe.

The natural cotton batting is a really nice weight, neither too heavy nor too light and not too lofty.

I've really been working on decluttering and I like the results so far. The night tables have already been changed to a cute pair I picked up at a yard sale last year and painted white. I'll update the photos once I hang the skis (from here).

Changing to white pillows and sheets is something else I plan to do. Currently the sheets are navy and the bedskirt is denim. I love the mixture in my favourite inspiration photo below -frilly white cotton, ticking stripe and blue denim. 

I also really like the landscapes in the photo below, from Country Living. I have collected three so far, but I'm not sure if the room will look too cluttered with a collection of landscapes and a photo gallery.

Lots still to do but it feels fresher already.

What would you do, landscapes, photo gallery or both (it is a large room)?

I'm joining the Handmade Tuesday party at Ladybug Blessings.


  1. love that quilt you made so cozy...hmmm hard to give advice with out seeing it, so take this for what it is worth, not much!lol If the room is large it might handle both, but they might fight for importance...one collection of smaller landscapes might work better if the other wall had a more large scale piece of artwork, sign, map....You will figure it out, because what you have done so far looks right on track! Lezlee

  2. The plaid quilt looks great with the denim quilt you have at the end of the bed - just the right mix of blues and coziness.

    I love the pictures you have found so far - especially the last two. I would go with them for a guest room and do a photo collage in a hallway somewhere. I wouldn't do both in the same room as it would be too much. I could see something like in this post here http://granddesignco.blogspot.com/2011/01/soooo-cute.html on another wall in the guest room.

  3. Oh I love the plaid on the quilt.

    I would put up the landscapes ... it's a large room. And you can always take them down if you don't like them.

  4. I'm loving your room so far, Elizabeth!! It looks very cozy and comfortable, and I would love to be a guest in that room! :)
    I say go ahead and fill the wall with landscapes! I think it will look great!! And like Sharon said, if you don't like them for some reason, you can always take them down.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. There is nothing like a home made quilt...I have them on every bed..just makes one sleep better i think. Yours is beautiful :D

  6. I love your quilt and I love your style! I agree that you should hang the landscapes and the photos and live with them for a few days. You can always take them down and fill the holes. I've hung and rehung pictures in my new house until I get the grouping I like and then I just filled the holes. That way I wasn't stuck with too few pictures up or with the wrong grouping.

  7. Beautiful! I love the quilt and wall color. I would do landscapes.

  8. Yummy quilt, Elizabeth!
    The room's looking good!
    I wonder if you could hang your "gallery" with some 3M removable hooks to see if you like it first, then take the pictures down if you hate it, or add nails and more pictures if you love it?
    Just a thought.
    I need to finish up my college girl's room. You get me inspired--thank you!!
    HUGS and blessings!

  9. Lovely job on the cloth quilt Elizabeth. I like the landscape idea.

  10. Elizabeth, I mentioned your blog on mine today at http://somereallyneatstuff.blogspot.com/2011/03/windsor-chairs-and-table.html.


  11. Hi Elizabeth ~ Your room is really coming together! Love the cloth quilt, the fabrics are so nice together and I really adore your collection of landscapes! I can't wait to see the entire room pulled together.

  12. I wonder if you could share the source of your inspiration photo? It is a true lesson in layering. Tried to Pin it but could not. Thanks!


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