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Simplifying has been a popular topic this year on blogs and in magazines, especially when it comes to home decor. To me simplifying includes eliminating clutter and items that don't have the 'feel' that we want for our home. 
Image: Ethan Allen

This process of simplifying is helping me to make decisions on the design style of our home. I am now more comfortable parting with things that don't suit our home or lifestyle and at the same time making better decisions and not buying or collecting items that don't fit my design style. I'm making money selling a few items and I've saved some money by not making impulse buys just because they were a good deal. The changes are not happening overnight and I can't start from scratch, but I am certainly making better choices and feeling like our home is more 'us'. Tearing out the bedroom carpet in our new build home in the suburbs is not going to unearth perfectly rustic plank floors. But lining our bedroom closet with beadboard might give it a bit more character.

The other day I was reading back through my blog and came across this post.  It was this article, a magazine tearout from Country Home, that helped me narrow down my preferred design style.

Here is the post from June 2010:

I keep coming back to this magazine article I tore from an old issue of Country Home. It has been in my inspiration binder for several years and is hands down my favourite.

I admire many decorating styles, try out a few in our home, moving things here and there, but I always come back to this when I think of how I want our home to look. Prairie Pretty they called it. Rugged and Romantic. Quilts, ticking, eyelet, lace, leather, painted wood, white curtains, metal, galvanized, browns and tans, blues, white and black. Rugged sturdy denim and romantic lacy cottons. I love all the fabrics.

I don't necessarily want to copy this bedroom, but I want to incorporate more of these textures, fabrics and materials that I love, into our home. Adding more of these elements and this feeling to our 12 year old home in a suburb. When buying something new or redoing a bargain find, I have been trying to keep these two photos in mind. Add in some antique pine country pieces, some painted pieces, agricultural elements (cows, horses, barns), and this is my style. I admire many styles, but this is the design style I want for our home. Do you have a design file of magazine tearouts or computer files of favourite images? What name would you give to this style I am struggling to label?

Prairie Country and Rustic/Prairie Country or Rustic Farmhouse were some of the 'names' my readers came up with. They also liked the article's title of Prairie Pretty. I just ordered the much anticipated Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill and I can hardly wait to get my copy. I love the homes that are featured, but I'm curious if there are examples that include the darker denim and blacks that I also love to incorporate in our home.


  1. I have had black chairs like those on my mind lately. I love the picture every time I see it!

  2. I have that picture of the bed in my tear out sheets too. Love it!

  3. Hi Elizabeth-

    I feel exactly the same as you about the de-cluttering process and making wiser decisions. So very well said.
    My best- Diane

  4. Country Home is one of my favorite go to's for inspiration, as well!I tear out the pages that inspire me and keep them in a folder. Great black iron bed! Love the juxtaposition between the lace, denim and ticking! I would call this style, "Prarie Chic". It's beautiful, Elizabeth! :) ~M

  5. OOh...I love that inspiration image!! Just love it! Cozy and simple:)

  6. I have so much decluttering to do. I love this images you shared.

  7. I am doing the same thing. This year I am redecorating the inside of our home, but trying not to buy alot of things. I am rearranging, repainting as much as I can and only buying when I have too.

  8. Simplify is also my motto...stick with the things you love, go with your gut feeling, it's always right! ;D

  9. I tend to have clutter, but I do love the inspiration pics/ Lezlee

  10. I feel the same as you about de-cluttering and making better choices. We have been purging the house for the last 6 months and it feels good! Plus the tax write-off is nice!

  11. Love every picture you showed!! I've been doing some de-cluttering and rearranging around my house too and really like the look. Martina

  12. Simple elegant. I love the idea minimalism and simplifying it gives the room a breather and cozy feeling. The page or article is sure worth the keeping, contradiction between earth tones and white accents is superb.

  13. I really like both of your 'inspiration' photos! I do the same thing, tear out pictures in magazines of homes/rooms that make my heart sing. I must say, my likes span across many different labels of decorating styles. I guess if you can just look around your home and LOVE IT then that is really all that matters, isn't it?

  14. Thank for stopping by Brambly and becoming my follower. I'm really excited to be following your blog- I know you will inspire me.


  15. Hi Elizabeth

    I think your blog is lovely too. The header is so warm and charming. A lovely country feel.

    And thanks for the tip for that wall in my media room. I think I'll take you up on that. My husband is a boat builder, so I need to introduce some oars onto that wall, you are right. Thanks so much for stopping by and posting your lovely comments.

    Best wishes Carolyn


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