NOVICA Gift Certificate Giveaway Winner

The NOVICA giveaway at Blue Clear Sky is now closed and the drawn winner is.....

 Loretta Fontaine of Apples and Rubies

APPLESandRUBIES: Loretta Fontaine\

Congratulations Loretta! Thanks to all those who entered the giveaway and a special thanks to NOVICA for making this giveaway possible. I value all my followers and readers and plan another giveaway coming up.
Have a great day!


  1. Elizabeth- Wow! I can't believe I won your NOVICA giveaway! I can't wait to pick out something beautiful. THANK YOU!

    ...and thank you for the sweet comments on my last blog post! The quilt was a group effort with my girl scout troop - I did one of the squares. Seems like scouts nowadays make projects with foam shapes from the craft store. We sewed, batted, and quilted a quilt, and we all even learned a little embroidery to sew our names with floss on each quilt block!

    My Mom sewed for us when we were little, so I was used to sewing projects on the dining room table and just took it as a kid, too!

    Thanks again! Love your blog!



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