Country is Cool!

Country is cool again, but then I always thought it was!

I love getting my Country Living magazine in the mail each month. In Redefining Rustic, The Country Living March 2011 issue shares 25 Reasons Why Country is Chic Right Now.  

The feature discusses how popular designers and famous chefs are incorporating country rustic into modern design and restaurant fare. From recycling materials for new products, to Etsy (what they call "an online arts-and-crafts renaissance"), to quilting, to fancy restaurants cooking with rabbit, the interest in homegrown and homemade is making a comeback.

Organic farming, sustainability, and greener thinking are still hot topics and continue to grow in popularity. Anyone who reads blogs knows that home canning and local farm to table are becoming more and more common, and in many cases being both small and big businesses. I think it is refreshing to see country rustic, for many years scorned in the design world, become more popular. I also love seeing more and more people move towards greener living and sustainability and I think 'home arts' make this more possible.

Not surprisingly, many of the blogs and bloggers I follow are once again way ahead of the times, as we have been seeing all these things in the blogging world for some time now.

Country and rustic style design is still my favourite. It was back then, and it still is now. I'm trying to freshen things up in our home, especially by taking away some of the visual clutter, but I will always have some kind of country rustic style. Things like quilting, needlework, making jam and baking are an important part of my life. We dream of a simple farm life in the country one day, but we're doing pretty well enjoying some country lifestyle here in the 'burbs.

So maybe I'm a little bit 'in style' once again.

all images above: countryliving.com

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  1. You couldn't have said it better! Country is cool! I have always had a love for handmade quilts, especially ones made by my grandma. Canned beans and tomatoes are in my pantry today! Courtesy of mom! I can only do strawberry jam by myself. Kind of afraid of the canner! But hopefully will learn this summer! Take care!

  2. LOL Me too...and yes, mama was always right! :D

  3. I love that simple country living is making a comeback too! And I really love the way so many restaurants and grocery stores are getting more serious about the whole farm to table thing, and true organic foods verses the chic lip service they paid it for so long!

    Great post, and now I'm off to snuggle in bed and read my Country Living which just arrived today!

    Kat :)

  4. Hey Elizabeth!

    This past issue was a very good read. Back to basics and a simpler life is my motto. I think we should use the resources we have been given. Love what Dave Matthews has done with his orrganic farm and giving back to soup kitchens and food banks, as well. Country has come a long way. I think it's so popular again because people are embracing what they truly love and there are no rules.

    Take care, Michelle :)

  5. Thanks for the sneak peak... I haven't read my issue yet... I'm saving it for the plane ride tomorrow ;)


  6. Me too...I always thought COUNTRY WAS COOL!!!!


  7. for me, Country has always been cool. A more relaxed traditional look.

  8. Country IS cool and those of us living in 'suburbia' have learned to adapt and bring ourselves a little bit of country living into the city! That being said, I too dream of a life where I'm surrounded by wide open spaces, not the brick and mortar of neighbouring houses! Here's to making due!

  9. I will always love Country style and I love that magazine!!
    Pamela :)


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