More Guest Bedroom and Living Room Inspiration

This month's Country Living magazine arrived recently and I was happy to find some more inspiration photos for our basement guest bedroom.
Although not as impressive a collection as these examples, I do have a few vintage paintings that I have added to our guest bedroom for interest. I also really like the plaids, blues and whites.

I prefer a few more wood tones, so I won't be painting our vintage skis white, but I do plan on hanging them on the wall. I'm still searching for a great deal on snowshoes.

 More interesting landscapes.
All images above: Country Living

Our living room is lacking this awesome height and fireplace, but the leather chair and the lighter upholstery with the pop of blue pillows is the direction I am taking in our living room. I guess I really am learning to define what I like and how to get a simpler similar look in our home. Do you save images in an inspiration file?



  1. I love this grouping of vintage paint by numbers, I collecting now. It will take a while but that's ok.
    Enjoy your Friday!
    Hugs from Florida

  2. Great looks!! I have a huge folder full of "inspirational" photos! When I go through them I do find the same common theme. Love your blog and good luck with your paint choices. I love my blue!! Come see my blog decoratingchick.blogspot.com.... Warmly>>>Lesha

  3. Very cool! I was just at a thrift store and passed up two pair of old skates, the white ones had fur on the top...that was not smart!!! ;D

  4. Good call to not paint your skis. I don't really get that one ;).

    I love all the photos. Those color combinations are great and not too difficult to pull off. I'm still trying to pull my living room together. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  5. Hi Elizabeth ... I love vintage oil paintings, both landscapes and florals! They look fabulous flanking an entire wall. I keep entire magazines, full on inspiration, which I cannot part with. I need to start editing my collection as it's growing out of control. I'm enjoying following your process in creating your space. Have a great weekend!

  6. Great inspiration Elizabeth. I picked up a vintage pic recently, a winter scene and I love it, keeping my eyes out for more. Have I mentioned we have my husband's vintage wooden skis he learned to ski with? His mom and sister always made fun of them in his house, until one day I finally said, I actually like them...not another word was said! I spotted two pairs of snowshoes at the Goodwill in the fall but they wanted $50 a pair! They went home with someone else.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. This will be fabulous Elizabeth! Can't wait to see the finish.

    I love that room with the skis, snowshoes, etc. The plaid blanket is wonderful!

  8. Hi Elizabeth!

    Love the direction you're going with the room! Isn't that living room stunning? Gorgeous! I like the leather and slipcovered combination. It has such a warm feeling.

    Good luck with the finishing touches! Have a great weekend! ;) Michelle

  9. Great inspiration photos, Elizabeth! I loved Country Living magazine this month!! When I saw that it was a white issue, I was so excited!!! :)
    I agree. Don't paint the skis! I think you would regret it.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Just starting. I have a pile of magazines that need to have a few choice pages ripped out and then be sent off to recycling!


  11. Hi Elizabeth ... my email is lpheaton@cupe.ca!


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