Master Bathroom revisited

Our master bathroom is an ensuite, one of four bathrooms in our home. I don't have any before pictures, just think builder basic. It is still mostly builder basic, but I am working to add a bit of character to it. I thought I would repost some pictures for Beneath My Heart's Bathroom Organization Linky Party. 

One of the best things I have found to keep bathrooms organized is towel hooks. These were the shiny brass type that I spray painted black (I need to touch up the screws.) With three guys in the house (although they seldom use this bathroom) I find it much easier to have towel hooks instead of towel bars.  Otherwise, I would be forever obsessing about the towels being straight! As with most rooms in our home, I have plans for this room as well, including a different tall storage cabinet, new taps, new lights, and trim around the mirror.

This bathroom has a separate shower stall and a large oval soaker tub, perfect for long bubble baths.

My sweet SIL "G" gave me this cute pair for my 40th Birthday. She knew I had been admiring them, and she's sweet like that. The wall colour is an aqua mistint and, along with the accessories, contributes a beachy feel to the room.

A favourite little black hand basket stores design magazines. I have a stack of white fluffy cotton rugs for the floors, so comfy on bare feet and super easy to keep clean.

A tall apothecary jar holds bar soap.

More of my much loved collection of aqua Crown jars. The shower stall is opposite this medicine cabinet.

I also have a love of milk glass and use many pieces for bathroom storage. This is the freestanding cabinet I hope to replace one day. It is practical and tall, with a storage door below, but I would love a piece with more character. Hmm, I wonder if the white and aqua pie cabinet in our kitchen would fit here?! I may just have to measure and see. Hoping you have a bright Monday!

edited to add: I measured and the aqua cabinet is a bit too wide!


  1. oh it is so beachy. I love it. I want to soak with my feet up.. reading a good book!!

  2. I love the mason type jars, the towels rolled on the shelves, the towel hooks instead of towel bars (I think I need to do that next), and the apothecary jars with soap and quail eggs (or maybe they are quail egg soaps). Nice job! You've inspired me to make some changes :).

  3. This is so pretty, Elizabeth. A wonderful "seaside" bathroom.

  4. I love it all great relaxing feel!

  5. Oh My this is just so pretty and really one of my favorite colors; aqua. To me this bath feels like such a retreat!
    Thank you for sharing,

  6. Genious on the jar filled with soap! I really like the beach sign too!

  7. Beautiful, Elizabeth!! You've done a great job adding character to your "builder basic" bath! I love it! :)
    Hope you have a great day!

  8. I really love the 'mistint' colour! It is soft and very beachy. I could spend a lot of time, soaking in that gorgeous tub!

  9. Elizabeth,

    I love what you've done to your bathroom. Such attention to details. The color and overall theme is much like the one I've created in our newly redone master bath. I didn't note the paint color used but the above comment said it was a mis-tint? What luck! It's a perfect shade. So serene. I adore your use of the coat hanger for towels.

    Your Friend,

  10. What a relaxing space and I love that BEACH sign.

  11. You need to add a jar of bon-bons next to the tub!!



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