2011 Home Goals

We have lots of ideas for improvements in our home this year, but only so much time and money (isn't that always the case!) Here is our list of achievable goals for 2011 (and some carrying over from 2010.) 

1. Living Room 
  • decide on wall colour and design direction (on a budget) to suit my leather sofa and love of farmhouse/rustic style. Thanks for all the suggestions on this post (the accessories are just piled there after clearing out the Christmas decor.)
Inspiration Photo:
Kelly McGuill, Designer

2. Finish our bedroom
  • paint pine night tables and dresser
  • closet organizers and sew drapes for closet (we removed the cheapo sliding doors)
  • new window coverings
Inspiration Photo:
2008 HGTV Dream Home

3. Adding architectural interest with trim to main floor
  • kitchen backsplash
  • fireplace/tv wall trim in family room (and hopefully add a flat screen and move the old one to the basement)
  • basement stairs wall trim
Inspiration Photo:

4. Paint main floor powder room
  • add some trim to builder mirror

5. Paint main (boy's) bathroom
  • walls and ceiling (to cover my really sad attempt several years ago to paint clouds on the ceiling)
  • possibly paint cabinetry 

6. Finish basement Guest Suite bedroom
Inspiration Photos:
1. Country Living
2. Ralph Lauren Home 
Okay, that is way too many 'finish' items. I will stop now before it gets worse.
I'm joining the Nester's 2011 Home Goals link up. Then I'm settling in with a hot cup of tea on this snowy evening and reading all the other Home Goal link ups.


  1. WOW, I love all the inspiration pictures..how fun to have dreams and work for them to happen..you have some great ideas! :D

  2. What a great list of ideas. You will have a fun year getting the house just the way you want it.
    Happy Friday

  3. Your inspiration pictures for your home projects are beautiful. We are also trying to finish what we can at home on a limited budget and time. Your home is lovely already so I am sure that anything you are able to do will just make it more inviting.

  4. Great inspirational photos. Swooning over the Raulph Lauren Home! I really like what you're doing with the architectural trim! Looks amazing so far. Can't wait to see what you do this year! xoxo

  5. Lots of projects - you are going to be one busy girl in 2011. Best of luck with getting them all completed just as you envision.
    My best- Diane

  6. Wow!! Those are some great ideas! Can't wait to see how everything turns out!!

  7. Hey You don't have time to sleep! Get busy...that's alot of projects and it is already the middle of January...well almost. Sounds like you have several goals lined up and I can't wait to see them....or your process...it will motivate us to get crackin'!

  8. I've been putting together a to-do list for 2011 too. I had this week off from work, so I've actually gotten started on a couple of them (the easiest ones!) The big one is to get a railing installed on our main floor, in the loft, and on the two staircases. We haven't had railings for over 2 years, which is an accident waiting to happen.

    Good luck with your projects - great inspiration pictures, especially the master bedroom. And your wainscoting is looking good :-)

  9. I love the lamps in your living room! Did you make those? They have such a 'furniture' look. Beautiful bedroom! That canopy is great.


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