White and Sparkly Tree ~ Canadiana Christmas Stop Six

Stop six on our Canadiana Christmas home tour is in our bedroom with our white and sparkly mini tree.
Many of the ornaments are special to us and the white and sparkly ornaments remind me of our Canadian winters-lots of snow and frosty days. The year we were married I crocheted the angel, little bells and snowflakes and still love them. This year I put the tree in a little bucket with a cream bow and placed it all on a silver tray. Beads in cream and white act as garland on the tree and spill from the tray. The matte and shiny mini balls on both the tree and the tray reflect the white mini lights at night. 
The little Santa and snowman votive holders are really cute.
 The large clear glass balls in different patterns are from the Alfred Sung collection at Zellers.
I love the mix of shades and materials in the ornaments (matte, shiny, white, cream, silver, pewter, gold, glass, mirror, bead, tin and even frosted plastic.)
 This mirrored and beaded snowflake ornament is really lovely and reflects so much light.
 Each crocheted bell has a different pattern.
I had plans to add some small framed black and white wedding photos but didn't get a chance to search for tiny frames. Maybe next year! Wishing you a wonderful day!
I'm linking up at Faded Charm's 78th White Wednesday. I love all the calming whites at this busy time of year, especially.


  1. Another beautiful room Elizabeth. I have so enjoyed your home at Christmas!

  2. Hi Elizabeth. What a beautiful home you have. I sure enjoyed all the posts....it was like looking in a magazine!

  3. It's special that this tree has sentiment like it does.

  4. I love that you have decor from when you first got married. I am enjoying seeing all your Christmas Decor!

  5. Ilove the pretty thing that your crocheted...just lovely! I love having these same kinds of things on my tree! ;D

  6. so pretty (& love that it is so special to you)! the galvanized bucket & the christmas balls on the tray - a beautiful combination!

  7. Hi Elizabeth: I'm now finally getting around to visit all my blog friends. Your bedroom tree is so beautiful with your handmade ornaments and the sparkly silver and white decorations. I love how you've displayed the tree in the bucket and on that lovely silver tray! What a pretty vignette!

  8. This might be my favorite! Love the white and the silver and the SPARKLE!


  9. It seems that you are decorating your Christmas pine tree with all white decorating, are have a white Christmas concept ?

  10. Very pretty tree and the clear glass ornaments look so elegant!

  11. Love your tree!....Being a guest in htat room is a treat!...YOur bells are wonderful!..I have crochet stars o my white tree!...Yeah Canada!

  12. Don't ask me why I'm reading your Christmas posts today ... maybe because *my* Elizabeth (age 15) insisted on buying a few items at Macy's today for me for Christmas. Your white tree is gorgeous. And I loved your Tim Horton ornament - isn't that the place where we bought donuts when we visited Nova Scotia, aren't Tim Horton's all over Canada - seeing the name really brought back memories of a fantastic trip. Anyway, see you again soon.



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