Living Room Village ~Canadiana Christmas Stop Two

Altered plans. Sometimes it just happens. Sort of like buying new outdoor coloured LED lights to make the kids happy, when you already bought LED white lights two years ago and really like them.
For years now, a smaller version of this Christmas village has been displayed in our home, usually on the kitchen counter in our basement. I like the cute little barn, outbuildings and farmhouse, but it always seemed like there was never the right spot for it. Our boys worked really hard to convince me that it needed to be in our tiny living room this year.

I decided that a change in my decorating plans was not as important as the enthusiasm and plans of an 11 and 13 year old. So, our 13 year old took charge, and in came the pine farmhouse table used as a patio table this summer. Out went a chair. The tree moved over. Way over. A quick trip to Zellers for three more buildings (K had to have a Church, and J insisted on a school house, and the gas station was just plain cute) and more trees and fake snow.
They have big plans, these boys of ours. They want to add more pieces during the sales this year. And do you think Mom can keep an eye out for more pieces at yard sales this summer? And plans for a room in their someday farmhouse big enough for a huge village.
Now if only J will stop trying to fit his one hundred plus piece collection of cars, trucks and tractors into the village scene ;)


  1. This village is too cute! I love the barn especially. Your boys did a great job. My 4 year old would love the John Deere tractors.
    Becky C

  2. Your village is wonderful Elizabeth.

    If we manage to get to the lake before Christmas I am going to take a few pieces of our lodge buildings for the condo. It's looking like we won't get here before though.

    I decided not to put our other village together this year. However, I put a few Jim Shore houses and Dept 56 in the secretary in the hearth room. Added some people and trees and called it finished. I like it up in that cabinet. I need to find some sort of battery operated lights though. Or do some paper or something behind the pieces, so they show up.

  3. How sweet the boys want to be involved - especially at their ages! Maybe they'll be engineers or architects! The display is lovely! My mom has a lovely one she put at the top of her kitchen cabinets and it always looks so nice! I love Christmas!

  4. Too cute and the boys will remember this, good call!

  5. Your little village is adorable and all the more so because your boys are so into it. Yep the decorating goes out the window when your 11 and 13 year old have other big plans.

    I just had a look back at your amazing Canadiana Christmas tree decorations. You've done the rustic woodsy tree to perfection. I"ll have to see if I can get you some birch branches - I might have some to spare. I'm always dragging some home from walks or the cottage. They would look great on your 'mantel'.

  6. awesome. I love the farm. My christmas village is teeny tiny.
    Happy december.

  7. I love that your boys get into setting up your village! I haven't set up my village since we moved to Red Gate Farm for lack of a place... well it would have fit on the dining room table but that's about it! When my husband gets the 2nd floor built in his barn I plan to decorate out there! Then the village will be back! Of course I haven't told him that yet ;) I will have to find a barn, I don't have one and if it's going to be in a barn I should have a barn!

    Enjoy the season,

  8. Your village looks so nice, all set up, waiting for the arrival of Santa! It's so nice that your sons actually participate in some Christmas decorating! How fun to be able to include the entire family. BTW - The chair did NOT come from Lakeside but you've got to stop in and take a peek!


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